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  • Vietnam weather in spring

    Vietnam Weather

    Vietnam’s climate which features a tropical monsoon one is divided into three distinct climatic zones on the basis of regions. The climate in the North is humid and subtropical whilst […]

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  • Beautiful Thailand beach in spring

    Thailand Weather

    Learn about the Thailand weather before Thailand shore excursions are highly recommended due to many reasons.  Thailand which is located in the heart of Southeast Asia’s tropical zone is characterized by high […]

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  • Taiwan weather in fall

    Taiwan Weather

    Taiwan which has a tropical climate is characterized by hot and rainy summers and mild winters. Taiwan’ climate can be divided into four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. However, […]

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  • Spring weather in Korea

    Korea Weather

    South Korea which features a temperate climate is characterized by four different seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The winter is usually long, cold and dry while the summer is […]

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  • Singapore weather & climate

    Singapore Weather

    Singapore which is situated in the north of the equator features a tropical climate with excessive rainfall, high and stable temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. Singapore’s climate is […]

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  • Sky view of Bagan temples, Myanmar

    Myanmar Weather

    Myanmar’s climate can be defined as a typically tropical climate with three different seasons: rainy (monsoon), hot and cool. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences with a massive amount […]

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  • Twin Tower at dusk

    Malaysia Weather

    Malaysia’s climate can be defined as a typical tropical one with high temperatures and high humidity all year round. The country comes under the influence of the south-west monsoon from […]

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  • Tourists enjoying the open blossoms in Japan

    Japan Weather

    Japan which features generally temperate weather has the temperatures varying markedly based on its geographical location. In general, the climate is characterized by 4 distinct seasons: Winter, summer, spring and […]

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  • Ubud Temple in a cloudy day

    Indonesia Weather

    When is the best time to take a shore excursion to Indonesia? This information will help you learn about the weather in this country.
    As Indonesia is in the proximity […]

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  • Hong Kong weather

    Hong Kong Weather

    Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate which is characterized by long and hot summer and mild winter. The climate can be divided into 4 distinct seasons: Hot and rainy […]

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  • Great wall of China with beautiful sky view

    China Weather

    Due to China’s massive size and diverse topography, the climate in this country varies greatly from region to region. It can be split into four basic seasons: winter, spring, summer […]

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  • Cambodia Weather & Climate

    Cambodia Weather

    The weather is one of the most important factors which can dramatically affect your trip. Before taking the fascinating Cambodia shore excursions, you would need to know about the tropical […]

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  • Amazing Halong Bay Tours with Hai Au Aviator & 4-hour Cruise

    Amazing Halong Bay Tours with Hai Au Aviator & 4-hour Cruise

    Known as the best destination in Vietnam shore excursions, Ha Long Bay has a wide range of islands and caves that attract a lot of tourists all over the world. This Halong Bay tour from cruise ship allows us to discover the bay with a scenic flight for perspective & a 5-hour cruise trip for close glimpse of the bay…

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  • Vietnamese Cuisine – Food to Try in Vietnam

    Vietnamese Cuisine – Food to Try in Vietnam

    Vietnamese cuisine which contains a wide range of delicious dishes always makes a firm impression on tourists all over the world. The national dishes feature the harmony between aromatics, colors, […]

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  • Thailand Cuisine

    Thailand Cuisine

    Scrumptious Thai cuisine will highlight any Thailand shore excursions. Like other Asian countries, Thailand brings food lovers worldwide a unique culinary culture in which various herbs, spices, and fresh food […]

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  • Taiwanese Cuisine

    Taiwanese Cuisine

    Throughout a relatively long period (1895- 1945) of Taiwan under Japanese occupation, Taiwan comes under powerful influences of Japanese culture. Especially, after World War II, this country fell sharply under […]

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  • Singapore Cuisine

    Singaporean Cuisine

    Thanks to the ideal location (located at the cross-roads of the East-West trade) and the multi-ethic culture, Singaporean dishes which feature the intersection of Asian cuisine and European cuisine are […]

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  • Malaysian Cuisine

    Malaysian Cuisine

    Take a Malaysia shore excursion, you can get a glimpse of the tropical paradise in the heart of Southeast Asia features the harmonious combination of plenty of ethnics, cultures and […]

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  • Korean Cuisine

    Korean Cuisine

    Cuisine plays a crucial role in the diverse culture of Korea throughout centuries of social and political changes. The allure of Korean dishes comes from the unique use of fresh […]

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