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Things to do and see in Hong Kong Shore Excursions

Hong Kong is well-known for lines of skyscrapers and modern technology. But that’s not all. This idiosyncratic city brings to you thrilling experiences and power up with super energy right after the moment you arrive. Hong Kong can be the paradise for shopaholics, heaven for food lovers, and palace for luxury restaurants and bars. Landmarks are fantastic, and the skyline is breathtaking that make you can’t stop photographing. Lost in endless street markets, hop on an interesting boat ride. Of course, you can’t experience everything, but there are some of them you shouldn’t miss that Shore Excursions Asia would like to recommend below.

Panoramic view from Victoria Peak

There are reasons for the Victoria Peak is one of the most popular attraction that included in any Hong Kong sightseeing tour. About 1805 feet above the sea level, the peak provides a chance to catch the panoramic view of the whole Hong Kong Island. If you are luckily visiting on a clear day, majestic sight of eight mountains in Kowloon will fit in your eyes. You can reach the top by patiently climbing, and then the breathtaking scenery would be your priceless reward, or just easily spend seven minutes hopping on a ride from Peak Tram - known as the steepest funicular railway in the world till now. The beautiful sights from Vitoria Peak can not only be seen during the day. At night, the lights from buildings create a picturesque flame like millions of fireflies happily jumping around.

Sample Dim Sum

This interesting dish can be understood as “touch your heart” in English, and really nail it! Dim Sum originated served as a morning or early afternoon meal, like a traditional appetizer. But now it is considered as an essential part of any family meal in Hong Kong, consists of dumplings in steamer baskets or on small plates. Some restaurants serve dim sum from the pushed cart or allow to order from the menu. Visit Hong Kong, you can miss the chance to taste its specialties. There is a plenty of options to taste dim sum, but the most famous dishes are steamed shrimp dumpling, barbecued pork bun, spare ribs, and turnip cake. You can easily find a place to sample, but choose one to worth your money. Tim Ho Wan - one of the Michelin-starred restaurants, but with reasonable price – is a good idea. For an older flavor, try Luk Yu Tea House where you can taste the original dim sum without any improvement through series of years.

Lost in endless street markets

If you are too familiar with huge shopping malls enclosing with the high price but few kinds of products, Hong Kong can be the heaven for you. Soak in endless street markets, you can find everything you want. The Ladies’ Market is lined up by over 100 shops of clothes and accessories, while Apliu Street Market is home to electronic households and products. For antiques, you can take a visit to the market with a lovely name – Cat Street. Fa Yuen Street is the mixture of sneakers, flowers, goldfishes, birds, jade, and also items used in the kitchen. Among these markets, Temple Street Night Market is the most famous with multiple of products from noodles to watches.

Hike the Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong is a modern city, but it does not mean that there is no natural landmark to explore. Stretching for 31 miles, the trail crosses through 5 parks on the island which the most famous one is the Dragon’s Back. Keep hiking and then reaching the Shek O Peak where you marvel at bird-eye views of turquoise-water bay, white-sand beach, verdant countryside, waterfront communities, and far away is the epic sight of South China Sea. The hike normally takes less than two hours, but for completed experience, spend more time to start from lovely Happy Valley.

Visit historic temples

Hopping on Hong Kong shore excursions, you cannot miss a visit to ancient religious sites. Man Mo Temple - the oldest in the city – is dedicated to Taoist gods of literature and war. Believers usually come here to leave offerings and burn incense while fortune tellers highly respected in this country are sitting in front waiting for customers. If you want some flashy things, move to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery where 500 real-size golden Buddha statues gently sitting on the side of 400 steps that you will climb up to reach the main temple. More than its name, the temple hides 13,000 gilded ceramic statues.

Relax in the park

Hong Kong is a modern city, people here seem to escape to islands, beaches, and countryside to enjoy a peaceful life. However, you still enjoy some green space in the center of the city. Hong Kong Park is an area mixing of scattered rocks and beautiful leafy pathways. The tranquil atmosphere is most suitable for practicing and relaxing. Besides, Victoria Park is the largest one in the whole island with recreational facilities for playing football, basketball, swimming, lawn bowling and also tennis. If you want to be lost in the feudalist space, the prettiest Nan Lian Garden is a good idea. Landing on 35,000 square meters, the garden is designed with the architecture style from Tang Dynasty.

Dip into shopping

There is no reason to take a shore trip without bringing any souvenirs or gifts for family and friends. Hong Kong is a paradise for shopaholics with hundreds of shopping malls from mazelike to high-end. For one-stop shopping, head to Times Square – a giant complex including twelve floors which tell different stories. A visit to any Hong Kong’s tailor is worth your time to choose a garment that matches your favor.

Escape to the beach

Not too far from the city center reaching by many ways including taxi, boat, or even public transportation, you now are standing on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hong Kong is home to several different kinds of beaches which can suit for anyone from surfers to party. Shek O is one of the most well-known choices. Stretching by sand, the beach surrounds Repulse Bay. For a completely strange experience, head to pristine Tai Long Wan with fresh clear water and rich ecosystem.