Kokura Castle

Kokura Castle

One of the must-visiting attractions in Kitakyushu shore excursions is Kokura Castle. Kokura Castle is famous for being the only castle still remains the original buildings in Fukuoka Prefecture although being destroyed by fire in 1837 but was quickly rebuilt two years later. The architecture of this castle offers an interesting visual contrasting to the nearby modern entertainment center and shopping arcade.Kitakyushu shore excursions - Kokura Castle

History of Kokura Castle

In the past, the castle was damaged again and again by wars and disasters until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Especially, the war between the Choshu clan and the Kokura clan in 1865 causes many heavy consequences that they have to reconstruct the castle years later. Until 1991, the buildings were completely restored. Nowadays, the castle is beautifully located in Kitakyushu belonged to Fukuoka Prefecture.inside Kokura Castle

The architecture of Kokura Castle

The architecture of Kokura Castle clearly reveals the traditional Japanese architecture with modern and minimalist style. Every detail is designed carefully by skillful hands of talented artists all around the country. Inside the castle ground, there is a memorial dedicated for the renowned swordsman Miyamoto Musashi who inspired the two swords that create the school of swordsmanship Niten Ichi-Ryu.
Looking from the outside, the castle seems to have four floors, but in fact, it is a five-floor castle where various local historical items and culture are displayed. Moreover, a small theater inside provides a closer look at the development process of the castle and the city. On the top floor, you can catch the bird-eye views over the city of Kokura.Kokura Castle Garden

Hanami – Cherry blossom viewing

Like almost all the castles in the mainland of Japan, Kokura Castle provides a beautiful view in spring with lines after lines cherry blossom fully blooming. Inside the castle ground locating a small Japanese-style garden with an idyllic turquoise-water pond. The garden is the best place to admire the splendor of Kokura Castle and also the cherry blossom forest surrounding. Have a gentle seat in the traditional Shoin-style building nearby, sample a cup of green tea, and admire the natural beautiful sight over the garden. Shore excursions to Kokura Castle will definitely lure you away!Kokura Castle viewing