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Yokohama Shore Excursions, Day Tours & Trips for Cruise Passengers
Yokohama shore excursions – the city of tradition combined with modernity – offers a variety of experiences to Japanese culture. This ancient city revealed the religious spirit of Japan through several temples and shrines, especially Kotokuin Temple, Hasedera Temple, and Asakusa Senso-ji Temple. The city is also home to the Imperial Palace which is the residence of Japan’s Imperial Family.

Besides religious sites, Yokohama is also a modern city with the featured Japan lifestyle. Take a visit to Toyosu Fishery Market, witness the daily fishery life. Freely shopping at the Ginza area where you can find any fashion and cosmetic well-known brands. Then enjoy different flavors of Japanese street food at the Tokyu Food Show in Shibuya Street.

Yokohama shore excursions are recommended to visit every month of the year. However, the coldest month is January when the temperature at night is approximately 2 degrees Celcius, and the hottest time is late July and early August when the temperature is nearly 31 degrees Celcius. Come to this city, visitors should pay attention to forecast whether it has heavy rain or snow. A trip experiencing Japanese culture almost all includes Yokohama shore excursions. Contact us for any information to have interesting shore excursions in Aisa.

Yokohama Shore Excursions

From Yokohama to Kamakura

Yokohama Shore Excursions

Yokohama & Tokyo Discovery