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Bangkok Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Laem Chabang Port

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant capital cities and busiest shopping centers in Thailand. When on Bangkok shore excursions, passengers can enjoy a unique cuisine culture, especially street food. Then, ready to soak in appetizing aromas of barbecued, grilled, fried dishes at extremely low prices. If you visit Bangkok for shopping, Pratunam – the paradise of low-priced goods is a must-visit, and City Complex – a big shopping center for visitors seeking clothing, handbags, cosmetics, and jewelry… There are many attractive things to do and see in Laem Chabang shore excursions:

  • Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) shines brightly in the background of beautiful Chao Phraya River
  • Royal Grand Palace the symbol of Thai Kingdom
  • Chinatown – a bustling place to discover authentic local life
  • Ayutthaya the Ancient Capital of Thailand with dozens of sacred temples and statues
  • Bangkok Floating Market is known as “Venice of the East”
  • Pattaya sleepless place to have fun and closer Laem Chabang port than Bangkok

Shore Excursions Asia offers many interesting Bangkok shore excursions for cruise ship passengers from Laem Chabang port, Thailand. Check out our ready-made Laem Chabang shore excursions for some inspirations. If you do not find the right tours for you, please contact us to customize your own Bangkok day tours.

  • Duration: 2 Days 
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laem Chabang Port (Bangkok)
  • Highlights: Wat Phra Kaew, Royal Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Mae Klong Railway Market, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Bangkok Shore Excursions

The Ancient Town Ayutthaya

  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laem Chabang port/ Laem Chabang port
  • Highlights: Ayutthaya Empire, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, Wat Mongkhon Bophit
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

Bangkok Shore Excursions

Off The Beaten Track Pattaya

  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laem Chabang port/ Laem Chabang port
  • Highlights: Nongnooch Village, Silver Lake Vineyard, Pattaya Floating Market
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

Pattaya Shore Excursions

Journey Beyond Pattaya

  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laem Chabang port/ Laem Chabang port
  • Highlights: Wat Yansangwararam, Pattaya, Silver Lake Vineyard, Set Thai lunch
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

Bangkok Shore Excursions

Bangkok Local Life Experience

  • Duration: 6.5 Hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laemchabang port/ Laemchabang port
  • Tour Highlights: Klong Suan Market, Luang Pho Sothon
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laem Chabang port/ Laem Chabang port
  • Highlights: Golden Mount temple, Wat Suthat and the Giant Swing, Marble Temple of Wat Benchamabophit, Jim Thompson House Museum
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Bangkok City/Bangkok City
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)
  • Tour Highlights: Damnoen Saduak floating market, Sugar Palm factory, Damnern canals, Rose Garden, Thai Traditional Art Show

  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laemchabang port/ Laemchabang port
  • Highlights: Temple of Dawn, Supatra River House Restaurant, Grand Palace
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

Bangkok Shore Excursions

Explore the Real Bangkok

  • Duration: 2 days / 1 night
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laem Chabang (or Klong Toey) port/Laem Chabang (or Klong Toey) port
  • Highlights: Royal Grand Palace, Jim Thompson House, Wat Phrakaew, Temple of the Dawn, Asiatique Night Market, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

Bangkok Shore Excursions

A Glimpse of Bangkok

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Laem Chabang port/Laem Chabang port
  • Tour highlights: Wat Phrakaew, Royal Grand Palace, Temple of the Dawn, Royal Barges Museum, Wat Pho
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

Attractions for Bangkok Shore Excursions

The capital of Thailand is definitely the most popular destination in any Asia Shore Excursion. Bangkok is not only the land of stunning gild temples. This city brings various exotic experiences on a tuk-tuk sightseeing trip, a boat through the floating market, and lost in the bustling Pattaya. Below are the top attractions recommended by us for your best Bangkok shore excursions and day trips.

Royal Grand Palace

Not only be the residence of the King, but Grand Palace also served for the entire government. It is emblematic of the Thai Kingdom. On the side of Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace was built over 100 years ago, then rapidly became the iconic landmark of Bangkok shore excursions. The complex is the combination of Thai, Asian and European architecture style. The Grand Palace is divided into four parts with each of them follows individual function. One step inside, you can admire the influence of French style in Boromabiman Hall and the gold bell-shaped Phra Si Ratana, the stunning throne carved with pearl inlaid in Dusit Maha Prasat, and the ancient Chakri Maha Prasat.Royal-Grand-Palace-in-Bangkok-shore-excursions

Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn)

Has the English name as the Temple of the Dawn, Wat Arun lands on the bank of beautiful Chao Phraya River. This exotic temple is undoubtedly one of the most stunning religious sites in any Bangkok shore excursion. Once reach the temple, you will be breathtaking at the traditional Khmer architectural style. With the height of 70 meters, golden Wat Arun is sparkling in the blue pattern of the beautiful sky. Admire the temple with the unique design of thousands of tiny pieces made from porcelain and colorful glass. Moreover, various statues with different shapes standing scattered inside the temple.Wat-Arun-Temple-of-the-Dawn-in-Bangkok-shore-excursions


Be one of the most popular destinations for Bangkok shore excursions, Chinatown not only is well-known for various sacred sites but also is the paradise for foodaholics. People have a joke that if you are hungry, head to Chinatown, you can’t stop eating from sunrise to sunset exploring the wonderful street food. The sound of the crowd, the smell of food, and the friendly smiles of local people combine into a lively picture Chinatown. If you luckily take a Bangkok shore excursion to this place in the Lunar New Year, the experience can be unforgettable.Chinatown-in-Bangkok-day-trips

Ayutthaya Ancient Capital

Was formerly the capital of Siam, Ayutthaya will mesmerize visitors with its stunning and majestic sight. Establishes in 1350, this ancient capital is considered as one of the most exotic cities in the world by serving as the center of rich culture and international exchange dated back to the 16th century. Due to the not-far-away location to the capital, Ayutthaya can be visited in Bangkok shore excursions. Ayutthaya is home to three palaces and 400 temple monasteries. Although it was dramatically destroyed with plenty of palaces, religious sites, and libraries by the Burmese in 1767, this city still maintains various valued treasures. This World Heritage Site is not only ruins, but it is also the clearest proof of the Kingdom of Siam’s glory, breathtaking and historical with the architecture carrying the ancient breath of Khmer and early Sukhothai style.Ayutthaya-Ancient-Capital-in-Bangkok-shore-excursions

Floating Market

Bangkok shore excursions provide not only sightseeing tours to numerous religious sites but also chance to explore the unique floating market with the beautiful name “Venice of the East”. Soak in the winding Chao Praya River as the heart of the city and pass through the dense network of canals which is home lines of houseboats, transportation, and also the unique floating markets. Not far away from the center of the city, the bustling floating market is best tasted in the early morning when the area is full of long-tail boats bringing wonderful tropical fruits, vegetables, and trinkets. Sample some sweet things in the vividly colorful scene offering chances for catching awesome photos.Floating-market-Bangkok-day-trips

Buddha Mountain Pattaya

Mention to Pattaya, people usually think about the sex industry with the fabulous nightlife, but Pattaya is more than this. Laem Chabang shore excursions including a journey to the Buddha Mountain Pattaya will completely change your mind. The mountain is famous for an image of gild Buddha carved into the northern surface of the mountain Khao Chi Chan with legs crossing, one hand holds a lap while the other one gently puts on the knee. The image with the height of 109 meters is made by the recommendation of Supreme Patriarch, who said the splendor mountain is wasted if there hasn’t any special mark on that.

General Information about Bangkok

Location: Central Thailand Population: 8 million Language: Thailand Currency: Baht (฿) Natural Condition: Located in the Chao Phraya River delta

Bangkok People

A lot of people who live in Bangkok are tourists and residents from neighboring provinces coming here for work. It shows the variety of job in this city of royal palaces. The Bangkokians are welcome and friendly towards all the outsiders. Moreover, the people of Bangkok are also well-known for their friendliness to the LGBT community especially the transgender. This community has the freedom to express themselves here. Furthermore, the citizens here even build many WC for the transgender themselves.

Bangkok City

Being the capital and most populous city of Thailand, Bangkok is famous for its 168-letters official name which is the longest one in the world. The locals here call this city as Krung Thep for short. Besides, was formerly considered as “ The Venice of East”, Bangkok once had dozens of canals. Even though most of them now have been filled, the tourists still can visit many famous floating markets to immerse a brand new shopping experience.Bangkok-city-The-Grand-Palace-in-Bangkok-shore-excursionsThere is an interesting fact that all the pagodas images in Thai coins are all built in this great city of immortals. Can’t believe that just one-day Bangkok shore excursion can cover all the famous temples in a country! Therefore, the name “City of magnificent temples” was born. Bangkok is also a chaotic, lively and vibrant city. Not only home to various versions of the taxi go back and forth but also locates the largest food street in the Ari area in Bangkok where different colors are taken turns to wear by all the salesman every single day. For example, Sunday is the day of color Red – stands for the Sun and Surya God, Monday is the Yellow day – stands for the moon and Chandra God and so on. Interestingly, the full name of Bangkok also has the meaning as the home of gods incarnate.

Bangkok Culture

Greetings from Bangkok people

You can easily identify who is from Thailand base on the traditional way they greet each other – the “Wai”. They will put their hands together and slightly bow their head lower than the elder’s one. It is unusual to greet also the waiters and the salesman in the food street in this country.Thailand-people-greeting

Official song

The Thais in general and the Bangkok citizens in particular really respect their noble King and their national song also. Thailand’s national anthem is broadcasted twice every day in public areas at 8 am and 6 pm and before showing films or performing arts as well. Whenever hearing this anthem, everyone has to stand still to show their respect for their King and their country.

Religions in Bangkok

Over 90% of Thailand’s population follow the Theravada Buddhist. Therefore, the citizens here really respect others. The “Wai” greeting is also inspired by their religious belief. The Thais think that it is disrespectful when you touch the others’ body without permission. Thailand becomes the ideal city for the transgender also because the Thais rarely criticize others. Everyone has the right to do whatever they want to their body. This is the way they show respect to the others and especially, to themselves.

Some unique regulations in Bangkok

In Bangkok, you are not allowed to go out without wearing underwear. Many foreigners feel confused about how the police check whether the citizens wear it or not. Moreover, women have to wear a bra when driving. They cannot be topless. The most interesting rule is that durians are not permitted to use as a weapon. The victims who are hit by this “King of fruits” can receive money as indemnity base on the number of thorns in their body.