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Zhoushan Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers
Zhoushan is a spectacular and cultural island. The name Zhoushan means “Boat Island” and refers to the shape of the island on a map. From Dinghai with rich verdant scenery and distinct granite peaks to Mount Putuo with sacred temples and ancient museum, Zhoushan shore excursions present the landscapes hold an immediacy and vibrancy that captivates and enchants. Traditional tea ceremony, mysterious local fishing culture are parts of Zhoushan’s cultural mosaic which will mesmerize you as soon as you take the first step on Zhoushan tours, especially from cruise port. Explore Zhoushan, explore yourself!

Asia Shore Excursions is offering various options for Zhoushan shore excursions and tours from cruise ship. Have a look at our ready-made Zhoushan shore excursion itineraries, if you do not find any suitable Zhoushan tours and day trips, please contact us and we will help you customize a unique Zhoushan cruise excursion that exclusively for you.

Zhoushan Shore Excursions

Zhoushan – Dinghai Island

Zhoushan Shore Excursions

Zhoushan Cultural Tour