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Top Akita Shore Excursions & Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

Akita is the largest city in the prefecture, and as such is the hub for transportation, sports, and shopping. So, make yourself ready to be overwhelmed with a large number of attractive options. Learn more about the local history and culture by a visit to many folklore museums throughout the region. On the other hand, don’t miss the chance to taste the best flavor in the sake brewery.

There are various things to do and see in Akita shore excursions and its surrounds such as visit the cultural Namahage Museum and Shinzan Folklore Museum, climbing Mount Kanpu, and enjoying Japanese unique wine in Sake Brewery. Learn more about the local history and culture by a visit to folklore museums or taste the best flavor in the sake brewery will definitely in the first order of your travel list.

In Akita shore excursions, late June to late July is the rainy season. The spring and summer that tend to have fairly moderate amounts of rain and are good for outdoor activities. While in November, it is common for some cold weather thunderstorms to occur. This is said to mark the end of fall and the beginning of the fish season. In the winter, Akita sees some snow, though certainly inland areas get more.

Asia Shore Excursions operates a wide range of Akita day tours from cruise port in Akita, Japan. Please contact us to get the best Akita shore excursions. In case you cannot find any suitable Akita tours or day trips, our travel experts will help you customize a unique itinerary to fit all your needs.

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Akita port
  • Highlights: Kakunodate Samurai House District - Samurai House - Lake Tazawa - Japan's deepest lake
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Akita port
  • Highlights:  Mt. Kanpu - Namahage Museum & Shinzan Folklore Museum
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Pick-up/Drop-off: Akita port
  • Highlights: Namahage Museum - Shinzan Folklore Museum - Mount Kanpu - Sake Brewery
  • Tour Customizable: Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form)

Attractions for Akita Shore Excursions

An Akita shore excursion can easily highlight your Japan shore excursions. With many special features such as stunning snowy winters, Onsen hot springs, breed of dogs, beautiful women, delicious local cuisine, and especially savory sake – the traditional wine of Japan.

Namahage Museum

Being the symbol of the area, Namahage Museum is included in any Akita shore excursion. The name Namahage is usually thought that represents for demons, but in fact, it is kami – the deity or god in the Western language. The museum has plenty of endless stories about that even the oldest villager cannot know exactly how it was created. The famous legend is that on December 31st annually, the kami enter the house in the late evening to scare the children who are lazy and disrespect their parents and family. The museum reveals the history and the role of namahage with various pictures of exhibiting instruments for torturing and clothes. Moreover, the museum has many real-size namahage models and a special photo area where you can try to cosplay a namahage. Enjoy the documentary displaying the scenes of kami banish bad spirits and poor energy.Namahage-Museum-in-Akita-shore-excursions

Mount Kanpu

Kanpu-zan, or Mount Kanpu, is a not-very-high mountain with a height of 355 meters above the sea surface level covered with lush green grassland. On the top of the mountain, the observatory and café shop together offer a wonderful view of the beautiful sea and especially the World Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi. On clear days, you can admire the horizon flying above the deep blue ocean, lush green mountains, colorful villages, and serene lakes nearby. The observation is not for viewing only. The restaurant on the first floor provides the traditional local cuisine of Akita shore excursions and also the Oga Peninsula. Have a delicious lunch under the high blue sky with a peaceful atmosphere can be one of the most memorable experiences in your Japan shore excursions. Especially, sample the vanilla ice cream made with salt from the sea water right in the peninsula.Mount-Kanpu-in-Akita-shore-excursions

Shinzan Folklore Museum

Nearby the Namahage Museum is the Shinzan Folklore Museum included in Akita shore excursions where you can learn about many legends of this area. The museum is an ancient, preserved and originally gloomy wooden dwelling. There is the introduction given in both Japanese and English between the householder and the ogres.Shinzan-Folklore-Museum-in-Akita-shore-excursions

Sake Brewery

No Akita shore excursion miss a visit to at least a sake brewery. There are nearly 40 sake breweries in Akita, each of them has their own brand and attracts a huge number of visitors around the years. Sake is recognized globally due to its rich flavor matching with not only traditional Japanese cuisine but also other food with Western or Chinese style. Akita’s sake is made with scrumptious rice and mineral water blessed with perfect climate and location in the rice-producing region. The three rivers of Omono, Koyoshi, and Yoneshiro together provide the rich rice fields with endless water flow. Due to the cold weather and snowfall in the area, the cold brewing technique, developed by master brewers long time ago, is a secret key to make scrumptious sake.Sake-Brewery-in-Akita-shore-excursions