Quang Yen Cultural Village

Located 50km away from Halong City, Quang Yen is famous for beautiful natural landscape and its traditional cultural values. A visit to Quang Yen also offers many historical monuments, spectacular landscapes and the unique traditional characteristics. Moreover, In addition, this village is still kept the quiet and peaceful beauty of a farming village. These things made your tour to Quang Yen an unforgettable trip.

Making fishing net in Hung Hoc traditional village, Quang Yen
Making fishing net in Quang Yen

The province of Quang Yen has over 200 cultural and historical monuments. Quang Yen people are proud of highest concentrations of local monuments and historical sites in the country. Many traditional customs and activities are still preserved which are the attractions of Quang Yen Village. There are also many festivals including three major festivals held annually such as Bach Dang Festival, Tien Cong festival, Xuong Dong Festival. In the spring, there are about 20 village festivals around the village… Beside, Quang Yen is also famous for traditional handicrafts. All have made Quang Yen a favorite travel destination for your shore excursion.

Traditional festival in Quang Yen
Traditional festival in Quang Yen