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  • Indonesia Cuisine

    Indonesian Cuisine

    Indonesia which is a developed nation in Southeast Asia consists of more than 17,000 islands with around 300 ethnic groups having distinct cultures. Thanks to this, Indonesian cuisine is very […]

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  • Hong Kong Cuisine

    Hong Kong Cuisine

    Hong Kong Cuisine Style
    Due to history as a British colony and the present is one of the most developed commercial ports in the world, Hong Kong has absorbed the […]

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  • China Cuisine

    Chinese Cuisine

    China which is known as the most populous country in the world is famous for the vastness and diversity of cuisine. The culinary culture based on different climates differs significantly […]

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  • Typical Khmer-Cambodia Cuisine

    Cambodian Cuisine

    Cambodia is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world for people who have an intense passion for oriental dishes. Due to the considerable influence of India and China, […]

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  • Myanmar Cuisine

    Burmese Cuisine

    Myanmar which experienced a 50-year isolation period has captured tourists’ attention all over the world since it opened up to the outside world. This mysterious country reveals a diverse culinary […]

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  • Thailand Money and Coin

    Thailand Currency

    Knowing about the currency of the nation you are going to visit is one of the most important things. So before joining a Thailand shore excursion, you should get some […]

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  • Taiwan Money & Coin

    Taiwan Currency

    Throughout the period of Taiwan under Japanese occupation (1895 – 1945), the Taiwanese yen (Japanese yen designed in distinct banknotes) introduced by the Bank of Taiwan was the sole currency […]

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  • Korea Money and Coin

    Korea Currency

    Hop on a trip to any country, preparing for local money is always recommended. Before taking a Korea shore excursion, get to know about Korean currency first.
    During the period […]

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  • Japan Money and Coin

    Japan Currency

    The Yen (symbol: ¥) which is issued by the Bank of Japan has been the official currency of Japan since June 27, 1871. At that time, according to the provisions […]

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  • Singapore Money

    Singapore Currency

    Although has the same name “Dollar”, the Singapore dollars has the different value from other countries. Pick up some useful information about the currency to prepare for a Singapore shore […]

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  • Malaysia Currency – Ringgit

    Malaysia Currency – Ringgit

    The History of Malaysia Currency
    During the period between 1946 and 1967, there were a variety of changes in Malaysia’s currency in accordance with different designs. It was not until […]

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  • Indonesia Currency

    Indonesia Currency

    One of the most important things you have to do before joining an Indonesia shore excursion is learning about its currency.
    The Rupiah (Rp) which was first introduced on October […]

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  • Hong Kong Dollars & Coins

    Hong Kong Currency

    The currency of Hong Kong is a little more complicated than other countries. The tips below are useful for your Hong Kong shore excursions.
    Due to the lengthy periods of […]

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  • Extend Travel Time in China Cities

    Extend Travel Time in China Cities

    Do you know that some cities included in your China shore excursions don’t require a visa? Read that post and note some useful information.
    Shanghai – a popular starting/finishing hub […]

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  • China Money

    China Currency

    For anyone who first time come to China, it is a little difficult to spend money in the right way. These practical tips will help you to have a worthy […]

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  • Cambodia Money

    Cambodia Currency

    Riel which has adopted as the sole official name of Cambodia’s currency has experienced two different periods in accordance with two distinct versions throughout the history. Riel was first introduced […]

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  • Vietnam Currency and Costs

    Vietnam Currency

    Throughout thousands of years of history, each Vietnamese dynasty often issued its own currency including bronze coin, zinc coin and iron coin. The Ho Dynasty was the first dynasty to […]

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