Cambodia Traditional House

Cambodia Traditional House

Hinduism and Buddhism have a strong effect on Cambodia culture with the myriad of religious streams throughout the length of Cambodia history making a tremendous impact on the material and spiritual life. Be affected much by India and Chinese, the iconic countries of Buddhism, that is why Cambodia traditional house or the ancient houses of Khmer, have carried the Buddhism trend and common in contemporary Cambodia. We are here to recommend this special place for your Cambodia shore excursions, which is the Cambodia traditional house.

traditional house in Cambodia

Formation of Cambodia Traditional House

Escape from the towns and move to the Cambodia countryside, tourists will see that there are more than 75% housing here is on stilts. This is a thousand-year residence of the Cambodian people and is still maintained today, that is the reason for the formation of habits living in the stilts. The first reason is that Cambodia is located in the lower Mekong, thus it can be influenced by flood, worse still, at the end of the dry season, flood peak can rise up to 15m. Hence Cambodia traditional houses are useful to avoid the flood. Secondly, from ancient time until now, Cambodia has myriad of poisonous snakes and wild animals around their houses, the stilts are also efficient to avoid these dangers. The last factor we cannot miss is the effect in business and weather in Cambodia. The space under the floor can use as a kitchen or storehouse, even a space to relax in the midday.

Cambodia traditional houseTravel to Cambodia, visitors will meet a lot of timber houses, which make a big question that is why isn’t concrete instead of wood? Actually, Cambodia possesses many forests with the large trunks, which is the best building materials and can exist for decades. Another reason that wood is much cheaper than concrete, so most families select it to build houses.

Cambodia Traditional Houses’ Construction

Cambodian has a strong belief in religion, about 90% Cambodian is Buddhist, thus the Buddhism trend approach to every aspect of life, especially housing. The Cambodia traditional houses were scattered behind the palm trees, which are the icon of Cambodian countryside and they allow tourists to explore a rich culture of Khmer. Cambodia Traditional House has five distinct forms of the houses existed a long time ago from Angkor time including Khmer house, Roong house ( also called Kataing house), Roong Daul house, Roong Doung house, and Bet house. A special house was made separately for the monks to stay, it is also called Keng house.

Inside Cambodia traditional houseExplore the cultural richness of Cambodia with Shore Excursions Asia, and delve into the charm of the Cambodia Traditional House. These ancient Khmer houses, deeply ingrained in contemporary Cambodia, showcase traditional architecture. Positioned facing East to symbolize prosperity and pay homage to the sun, these stilted houses stand approximately 2.5m above the ground, accessed by wooden ladders. Adorned with thatched roofs made from leaves or straw, the shaded space beneath serves as storage and a peaceful retreat, offering a glimpse into the local farmer’s way of life. Shore Excursions Asia invites you to discover the historical and cultural gems of Cambodia through experiences like the Cambodia Traditional House.