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Things to Do & See in Shingu Shore Excursions

Lying on the south of Kyoto and Osaka – the two most famous cities of Japan, Shingu is home to the traditional Kumano faith with the deep root is the natural worshipping which has been followed for centuries. Blessed with a warm climate covering coastal and mountain areas, Shingu shore excursions are enriched with a collection of religious sites and natural exploring tours. Shingu is one of the most fantastic destinations to feel Japan’s myths and legends, and nature. Below is the list of top attractions in Shingu, Japan. Explore the city little by little from the ancient sites to the modern living of local people.

Kumano Hayatama Taisha Shrine

Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine is one of three Kumano Shines in the whole country. The shrine dedicates to three Shinto deities who descended to earth on the scared rock nearby that become a place for worshipping. Another sacred site belongs to the shrine is a huge Nagi tree which has grown for over 1000 years. Not only being well-preserved by local people, the Japanese government also recognized Nagi tree as a natural monument for its important meaning. There is no hyperbole to say that Kumano Hayatama Taisha Shrine cannot be missed in any Shingu shore excursion.Kumano Hayatama Shrine - Shingu shore excursions

Kamikura-Jinja Shrine

Standing on the halfway up to Mt. Gongenyama, Kamikura-Jinja Shrine is an ancient shrine which is believed that the gods have landed here when they came to descend the Earth. Included in the Kumano Pilgrimage route, the shrine locates at the top of the steep cliff with 500 stone steps to reach the main ground. The dwelling place of the deities is a sacred rock with the name of Gotobiki-iwa. Besides the spiritual meanings, Shingu shore excursions to Kamikura-Jinja Shrine include the experience over panoramic view over Kumano-nada Sea and the entire Shingu in the opposite side.Kamikura-Jinja Shrine - Shingu shore excursions

Nachi Falls & Kumano Nachi Shrine

Another Kumano shrine located in Shingu is Kumano Nachi Taisha. Be a part in the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes, most visitors choose this shrine to hike up Daimon-zaka thanks to the 600-meter stone trail surrounded by thick layers of green trees. The highlight of the shrine is Seigantoji – a magnificent structure with three stories designed in the traditional Japanese architecture style and painted in scarlet color. Not far away from the shrine complex is Nachi waterfalls – the tallest one in Japan with 133 meters height.Nachi Falls - Shingu shore excursions

Shingu Castle Ruins

On the southern bank of Kumano- gawa River locates Shingu Castle Ruins, or also known as Tankaku Castle in the past due to being the house of Tankaku Hime – the daughter of a samurai. From the castle ruins, visitors can witness the ancient architecture combine with a sense of advanced building technology. Get a glimpse of how powerful the region was by spending a Shingu shore excursion to Tankaku Castle Ruins.Shingu Castle Ruins - Shingu shore excursions

Kuwanoki Falls

Besides Nachi Falls, Shingu also has another natural destination is Kuwanoki Falls. This 21-meter waterfall locates in the Kuwanoki canyon surrounded by green scenery with high stone range. Considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan, Kuwanoki Falls will shine your Shingu shore excursion with mulberry trees leading your way on a walking trail over Kuwanoki Bridge across Takada-gawa River.Kuwanoki Falls - Shingu shore excursions

Doro-kyo Gorge

A unique experience you should try in Shingu shore excursions is hopping on a jet boat tour in Doro-kyo Gorge. Spend two hours downstream the flow of Kumano-gawa River and Kitayama-gawa River to admire the clear emerald waters, steep cliffs, and quaint rock formations through the boat’s large windows and an open roof. Moreover, the jet boat stops at Doro-kyo Gorge for around 20 minutes allows you to taste the natural beauty on your own.Doro-kyo Gorge - Shingu shore excursions