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Things to Do & See in Halong Bay Shore Excursions

Halong Bay – one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam – is also one of seven natural wonders of the world. But more than these amazing caves and wonderful islets, Halong Bay Shore Excursions havẻ many other attractions such as fishing villages, Yen Tu pagoda, Bai Tho Mountain, Yen Duc Village, Dong Trieu Village, and so on. Asia Shore Excursions would like to recommend top things to do and see in Halong Bay tours from the cruise port.

Kayak along Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay shore excursions is the best to enjoy all the splendor beauty of this UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. Gently paddle through various islets, explore hidden caves, mysterious lagoons, and stunning beaches. Due to small size, the kayak can easily go through the caves that boats cannot get closer to limestone karst and enjoy the serene natural sight in a less visited corner of Bai Tu Long Bay will be one of the greatest experiences for life. Kayak in Halong Bay shore excursionsWhen kayaking, you have to follow the instruction of your guide that it is really dangerous to do by yourself. The guide will show you how to use the paddle and the way to the safe areas. The life jacket is a compulsory part preparing for this activity when kayaking along Halong Bay. Suitable clothes are recommended such as T-shirt and short, swimming suit in summer, warm clothes in the winter, wet shoes, hat, sunglasses, and so on. Available on the Halong Bay tours from cruise ship: https://www.shoreexcursions.asia/halong-bay-cruise-1-day/

Explore Halong Bay islets and caves

A cruise around the bay to admire several grottoes and caves such as the Incense Burner Islet (Dinh Huong), Fighting Cock (Ga Choi), Rocky Dog (Cho Da), Heaven Cave (Thien Cung), Amazing Cave (Sung Sot), Luon Cave, and so on. Most of them are always available, but some can be swallowed by the tide. Halong Bay shore excursions - islets and cavesThese caves are well-known for fantastic limestone structure that was created by thousands of years due to calcification of water inside. On the cliff, you can find traces of fossils of fresh-water snails. Monkeys mischievously run in groups, fig trees cover all the landscape and many orchids hang their odorous flowers. Available on the Halong Bay shore excursion from cruise port: https://www.shoreexcursions.asia/halong-bay-cruise-hanoi-capital-2-days/

Yen Duc Cultural Village

A drive through 60km to the west of Halong City, Yen Duc Cultural Village reveals the unique traditional culture of northern Vietnam. The village is serene, quiet with yellow rice paddy fields and lush green gardens as well as huge fish ponds. More than this, the village is home to several cultural monuments and historical sites such as Canh Huong Pagoda, Canh Mountain, 73 Cave, and so on. Yen Duc Cultural Village in Halong Bay shore excursionsEnjoy a space imbued with regional cultural which is the feature of the countryside, meet and chat with the locals, then witness their peaceful daily life, culture, and tradition as well as get hands-on experience feeding animals in the gardens and fish in the ponds, seeding or collecting rice in the field depending on season. The trip will offer you a chance to enjoy the traditional Water Puppet Show and taste a savory meal with traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Available on the Halong Bay tour for cruise ship passengers: https://www.shoreexcursions.asia/quang-ninh-museum-yen-duc-cultural-village-1-day/

Yen Tu Pagoda

Yen Tu Pagoda is a complex of pagodas associated with King Tran Nhan Tong that is about 60km from Halong City. In 1299, after a long time successfully building and handling the country, he decided to leave the throne and escape to Yen Tu Mountain and practice Buddhism. Yen Tu Pagoda in Halong Bay shore excursionsThen, Yen Tu Pagoda becomes one of the most sacred pagodas in not only Quang Ninh province but also northern Vietnam. Visiting the mountains, you will hike 1068 meters long steep stone steps to reach the top of the mountain. Yen Tu Pagoda is a great place to learn about Vietnam Buddhism and admire the Vietnamese ancient architecture. The pagoda can be accessed by taking 2-3 hours on the cable car but most of the locals choose to hike step by step to show their devotion to the Buddha. Available on the Halong Bay day tour & shore excursion: https://www.shoreexcursions.asia/yen-tu-pagoda-yen-duc-cultural-village-1-day/

Quang Yen Village

Just 50km away from Halong City, Quang Yen is a beautiful natural village that famous for its traditional cultural values. A visit to Quang Yen also includes several historical monuments, wonderful landscapes, and unique features. Moreover, this village still maintains the quiet and peaceful beauty of a farming village. Quang Yen Village - Halong Bay shore excursionsVillagers are proud of the highest concentrations of local monuments and historical sites in the whole country. Various traditional customs and activities still happen in the village. Many festivals are also held annually with three main ones are Bach Dang Festival, Tien Cong festival, Xuong Dong Festival. Moreover, traditional handicraft is an essential factor in creating the attract of this ancient village. Available on this Halong Bay tour from cruise ship: https://www.shoreexcursions.asia/explore-countryside-quang-yen-village-1-day/

Quang Ninh Museum

Was designed by a Spanish architect, Quang Ninh Museum has a unique style, charming space, and several priceless artifacts. Inspired by the iconic coal - the typical mineral of Quang Ninh - the museum is a pearl on the most beautiful coastal road in the whole city. The building is covered with 14,000 square meters of glasses that follow the temperature changes. Quang Ninh Museum - Halong bay shore excursionsAfter step inside the museum, you will admire a whale skeleton and sailboat models. The first floor has several columns of the covering fabric with images of Ha Long Bay combined with light to make visitors feel like lost in a mini Ha Long. The second floor is designed with the shape of a boat that introduces the history and culture of Quang Ninh Province. In the third floor, you will visit the exhibition of economic achievements, characteristics of ethnic groups in this province and artifacts used in mining, especially coal industry. Available on Halong Bay shore excursion: https://www.shoreexcursions.asia/quang-ninh-museum-yen-duc-cultural-village-1-day/