Located on a hill with panoramic of the city, Stone Church is one of famous attractions in Nha Trang. Began to build in 1928 by priest Louis Vallet (1869 – 1945) and completed in 1934, the Church showcases the unique architecture of the French style.

Nha Trang Stone Church

Nha Trang Stone Church

As many western catholic churches in Vietnam, Stone Church boasts stained glass windows and a high tower containing three large bells. Upon entering the church, visitors will see its floors were rock-paved and a lot of neon lights were used to decorate the altar, creating a dazzling beauty and elegance. 14 tribulations (the crucifixion of Jesus) simulated by the paintings on the walls are the spots everyone shouldn’t miss. The beautiful scenery and relaxing, tranquil atmosphere ooze everywhere. Besides, there are numerous statues of saints placed outside the Stone Church.

Panoramic view of Nha Trang Stone Church

Panoramic view of Nha Trang city and Stone Church

Not only attracts the photographers and cameraman, the beauty of Stone Church is favored by the young couples to take wedding photos. Moreover, Catholic followers and visitors usually come to pray in a cave with a statute of Mother Maria locating in front of the Church.