Singapore Photography Spots & Instagram-Worthy Places

Singapore Photography Spots & Instagram-Worthy Places

Despite landing on a small island in the southern peak of Malay Peninsula, Singapore is the land of various photography spots and Instagram-worthy places that you must visit once to capture every beautiful moment of your Asia Shore Excursions. We just summary top 6 best photo spots in Singapore Shore Excursions below.

Marina Bay

The most famous place in Singapore – Marina Bay is considered as a must-visiting place on this idyllic island. No doubt to say that all the essences of Singapore world-class architecture gather here, creating a gorgeous place to enjoy the luxury life. The most attractive highlight is the infinity pool on the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The view from there is spectacular over the exotic Gardens by the Bay and the thousand-light city of Singapore marking its name as one of the most photogenic spots.

Marina Bay in Singapore shore excursions

Gardens by the Bay

Known for its greenery sight, Gardens by the Bay is a giant-sized, florid, modern park located next to famous Marina Bay. The spotlights of the park are the huge Supertree structures with an amazing skywalk over the gardens serving as a wonderful place to take photos in Singapore. Inside the park, there are two greenhouses designed in seashell-shaped being home to an artificial mountain with an idyllic waterfall. Enjoy your free time strolling and discovering hundreds of plant species. Especially, the place is a good idea to bring your kids along.

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore shore excursions

Little India

Little India is one of the most bustle and hustle district in Singapore where gathers many people from different countries creating a multicultural society. Come to Little India, one of the most recognizable spots is Tan Teng Niah House – the former home of a famous businessman. The house was designed in old-fashion Singapore and Western-style combined. Wander around to enjoy the feast of colorful scenes which will definitely shine your Instagram feed.

Singapore Little India

Singapore Chinatown

Chinatown of Singapore is the largest center of hawkers, sprawling markets, and of course, photography spots. Standing on the ground of Chinatown Complex, take a shot with its walls and pillars as the unique background, and make your Instagram become amazing. The surrounding showcase murals reveal the history of Chinatown and daily life of local people who mostly are Chinese immigrants.

Chinatown Singapore

Haji Lane

The heaven for hipsters in Singapore is Haji Lane well-known for various indie boutique retail outlets with colorful sights all over the place. However, the spotlight that attracts people coming to capture the best photos. Near the Beach Road, there are colorful walls decorated with multiple of paints in hipster-style covering shop houses and buildings. Don’t miss the alleyway leading to Arab Street made by Ceno2, Yok & Sheryo, and local crew ZincNiteCrew.

Haji Lane Singapore

Sri Mariamman Temple

Located in Chinatown, there are a variety of religious sites that attracts thousands of visitors each year, one of the most attractive ones is the Sri Mariamman Temple. Being the first Hindu temple in this country, the temple is designed in the featured Hinduism style. Worships the goddess Mariamman, its entrance tower is decorated with colorful ornate sculptures of figures from Hindu mythology and culture.

Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore