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Top attractions in Singapore Shore Excursions

Not just a tiny island as you can see on the map, Singapore has several reasons to become one of the best destinations in Asia Shore Excursions. This bustling city will mesmerize you with wonderful attractions, fantastic activities, savory cuisine, and incredible ethnic diversity. Singapore is more than a huge modern shopping center changing surprisingly from sunrise to dark night.

Marina Bay

With an epic transformation, Marina Bay had moved “from rag to rich”. Be considered as the center of the country and the entrance of Singapore River, the bay is a real proof revealing the magical change of Singapore from a minuscule country becomes the most luxurious destinations in the world. A visit to Marina Bay will include many popular attractions such as Financial District, Clarke Quay, and Civic District. Moreover, this area is home to luxury hotels, glass-front skyscrapers, beautiful landmarks, and spectacular Marina Bay Sands resort that is difficult to ignore. The bay is the featured business area of Singapore where you can taste the cosmopolitan vibe by strolling along large clean pavements or soaking in lines of high-end stores, crowded subway stations, swanky restaurants and rooftop bars. Don’t miss the fantastic light show – the combination of light, water, and iconic landmarks behind.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is undoubtedly the most vibrant center of Singapore lined up by bars, restaurants, high-end stores, and nightclubs. Its location in the body of water emerging from the main river brings many advantages that charming the area with alfresco-style structures set around the edge. Famous for dazzling lights, beautiful girls, and buzzing clubs high up all night long. A visit to Clarke Quay is worth your Singapore shore trip with the mix and match of colorful light, modern lifestyle, provocative clubs, gorgeous girls, luxurious bars, and more. Move under the futuristic, explore several wonderful shopping malls as well as a plentiful of bars, create a paradise for bar-hoppers.

Universal Studios Singapore

Be the first ever amusement park of this kind opened in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singapore had attracted millions of tourists coming to explore over 20 attractions with highlights are Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Hollywood, New York, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. Besides, the seven themed sections with endless rides and shows will lure all your day away. The park brings the breath of the fabulous USA. Like almost all place in this country, Universal Studios also has various shops for those who want to bring some souvenirs or toys for children, friends, or just to satisfy your hobby. Right to the name, Hollywood is built to imitate the real one, while New York is inspired by the tangible city. Head to Sci-Fi city to enjoy the tallest roller coasters in the world, then visit the Ancient Egypt where you will freeze at two massive guard statues. For more thrilling feeling, experience the ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ ride, a game typically for adults but also a wonderful trail for young kids.

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a huge, lighting, colorful, bustling park in the bay of Singapore. Overview of the garden is filled up by steel trees towering over the gardens with a dozen in the center, and the other six structures are placed in other parts. These high metal structures are covered by over 200 species of plants and flowers that become the protagonists of the light and music shows. Moreover, giant-sized seashell-shaped greenhouses with mountain climate are home to an ocean of trees and plants, creates a spectacular sight that can mesmerize every one of all ages from kids to adults. The Cloud Forest building provides a panoramic view of the whole gardens with a lift brings you from ground to the height of 35 meters. Have a visit to the Flower Dome where you can hop on a journey around the world learning about plants such as Baobabs from Africa, Kangaroo Paw from Australia, and Olive tree from Spain.

China Town

Mention to Singapore, people usually think about the paradise of high-end shopping malls scattered around the city. But with those who want to explore the traditional culture of this country, or just to buy some cheap local souvenirs, where they can go? The answer is China Town. Stroll along the quaint streets, witness old man playing board games while chatting loudly about a plenty of topics such as weather, daily life, news and have a cup of classic tea. Soak in bustling fresh markets, hawker centers, stunning temples including Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Sri Mariamman Temple. The town is in the heart of Singapore that can easily access by public transport. Get around on foot to taste the pristine atmosphere that every second in the China Town is like a scene from the movie of life.

Sentosa Island

There is nothing human can’t do. Sentosa is a real proof. You can’t believe that this gorgeous island is completely man-made. Served as a place for leisure and relaxation, Sentosa Island is one of the most popular destinations in Singapore. Just a few minutes riding from the enigmatic city, the island is a paradise to escape the hustle city, soak in the sparkling white-sand beach, and dip into the beautiful clear water. The island provides various popular attractions including the famous Universal Studios, Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, Resorts World, Tiger Sky Tower, Cable Cars, MegaZip Adventure Park, and especially must-visit topical beaches. Taste some more thrilling feeling by enjoying the roller coasters or rewarding yourself with a walk on the side of the water on the stunning beach. Siloso Beach offers several conveniences for playing and having fun such as iFly Skydiving, Wings of Time audio-visual show, Sentosa 4D Adventureland, and Madame Tussauds wax museum.