Thank You So much, We Were Singing Your Praises to Other Cruise Passengers

Shore Excursions Reviews Kristina

Name: Ms. Kristina Coffin & Family
Nationality: New Zealand
Pax: 4 pax
Travel date: November 2017
Shore Excursions: Langkawi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Kotakinabulu, Hong Kong
Cruise Name: Celebrity Millennium

Hi Hedy,

Wow, yes time flew by really fast and we are now home already.

Thank you so much for helping to make our holiday such a success. In fact, we were singing your praises to other cruise passengers who were so jealous when they saw what we were doing on our shore excursions. We managed to do so much more than the cruise ship could offer.

All of the tours surpassed our expectations.

Langkawi – Ms. Azura was a fantastic guide who introduced us to her homeland of Langkawi. She enthralled us with tales and legends of Langkawi whilst showing us around. Her wonderful sense of humor and obvious love of her city shone through. Our absolute highlight would have been the eagle feeding. To see all of those wild eagles swooping and diving to collect the tasty tidbits was something we could have watched forever.

Ho Chi Minh – Mr. Hung showed us around Saigon. Even though the city is chaotic with so many “Hondas” 😊 everywhere, our driver managed to navigate us safely through the city and out to see the Cu Chi Tunnels. The Cu Chi Tunnels are definitely a “must see” sight. It was eye-opening to see how the people lived during such a horrific time as the Vietnam War. Whilst it is quite a drive to the tunnels (3 hours each way), it is definitely worth it. Our guide took us to places of interest along the way, including a lacquerware factory and the Saigon Post Office.

Hue – Ms. Thuy was a very passionate ambassador for her beautiful city of Hue. Her obvious love of her city shone through on how she spoke about her city. It was lovely to see it through her eyes. Even though it was extremely hot that day, she made sure that we were comfortable. We loved the little things that we weren’t expecting – making our own incense sticks!!, as well as the sights that we were expecting to see.

Hong Kong – Hong Kong surprised us by how green it really is. Our guide delighted us in our tour of his city. We loved everything, from the ferry ride across the harbour, the stunning sights at the top of Victoria Peak, to the hustle and bustle of Stanley Street Market (ok, I was a little overwhelmed by the share crush of people at Ladies Street Market!!), but all the interesting little knick-knacks that you could find definitely made up for it. We did find Hong Kong very expensive though.

Kota Kinabalu – Mr. Jasson was our guide in Kota Kinabalu where we went to Mari Mari Village. Once we got there, our guide found out that there was going to be a couple of hours delay before the tour started at the village so he recommended a short drive to see a local waterfall. It was beautiful and an easy walk for us, the beauty and naturalness of the waterfall was a highlight for us. We appreciated that our guide thought about what we could see, rather than just wait for the tour to start. Mari Mari Village is a great tourist attraction and we loved seeing how the different tribes once lived in Sabah – the head hunters tribe scared the living daylights out of us !!😊

We cannot think of anything that would have improved our holiday, it was perfect – thank you

KristinaShore Excursions Reviews Kristina