Things to Do Before Your Cruise Excursion

Things to Do Before Your Cruise Excursion

Right the time you plan a cruise, there are many things you have to worry about: packages, shore excursions, dining reservations, transportation to get to the port, and more. Some nights before the cruise, you may not stop thinking about your plan. Even though you have completed the final steps, these tips below will you help you to prepare for your cruise excursions. Asia Shore Excursions always wants to make sure that you bring necessary gears and don’t forget any important things.

Make a List and Check It Several Times

Even people with a good memory cannot confidently claim that they do not forget anything. Just write down everything to do and to bring on a list with the order from the most to the least important ones. This way can save you from a headache caused by the jumble of what to buy, what to prepare, and what to pack. Remember to note things that can be packed at the last minutes such as travel hat, money, phone charger, etc. Check this list several times to make sure that you don’t leave anything at home, for example, an umbrella in case rain suddenly drops in tropical countries. Don’t trust your groggy brain losing its way on a crazy maze of things.

Make a list before shore excursions

Get Your Money in Order

Order in here does not mean that putting all you got into your bank account. Before cruising, go to the ATM, get some money to make sure that you hold some cash on hand. Cash will be more convenient for many activities such as snacks and drink on the way, tips for drivers and staffs… Moreover, if you get shore excursions to other countries, prepare some cash in local currency to get a better deal in buying souvenirs, food, and services. Although you can purchase it later from ATMs in that country, it is not easy to find one in the region, especially shore excursions to developing or undeveloped countries. Note that you should find out the cost for every service to pretend running out of money.

Get Your Money in Order for shore excursions

Complete Your Work

Time goes faster than you think. Don’t subjectively consider that you still have a lot of time to arrange the work before your cruise excursions. If your time only can be counted with two figures, it means that your vacation will start now. Remember that your business should be always the top of priority. Remember to reply to every email that needs an immediate answer and call your co-workers for helping you on handling left-over works.

Complete Your Work before shore excursions

Share Your Traveling Plan with Others

We all know that cruise is safe and guarantee is always available with well-known cruise lines. However, an emergency contact never is redundant. Besides, you should let your family or best friends know about your traveling plan, your flight timetable (if you have), your cruise, and the ports you will dock. Or at least, mark on the calendar time and ports the ship will dock, it can be the most important proof showing that where are you at this time. Besides, many cruise lines ask you to fill their form which includes an emergency contact.

Share your Traveling Plan

Get Enough Sleep

No one can enjoy traveling if they don’t have a good health. Prepare for a shore excursion lasting for several days on board, your health status is the most important factor. After finished the last-minute things, your head can get stunned by millions of things. This is the time to shut your eye for a couple of hours while you relax and recharge energy. First night on board can be sleepless because your body has to acquaint with a new space.

Get Enough Sleep

Make Friends with Other Cruisers

It will be a boring shore excursion if you go alone and have nobody to share your feeling and difficulties, too. In most situation, cruisers have to stay overnight at a hotel near the port to catch up the ship picking them up in early next morning. Make friends with some other cruisers on the same ship is a good idea. Moreover, the price per pax for any shore excursion provided by both cruise lines and travel agencies is cheaper when more people join the tour. You can easily find others cruisers by the cruise line tagged luggage and logo apparels.