Throw out the chaotic life, put on your luggage and take a Sakaiminato shore excursion to roll in the colorful flower paradise of Matsue Castle and Tottori Hanakairo Park, or just jump in the time machine back to childhood by visiting the Manga World - Mizuki Shigeru Road.

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Duration: 6 hours
Start/End: Sakaiminato Port/Sakaiminato Port
Highlights: Matsue Castle, Tottori Hanakairo, Mizuki Shigeru Museum, Mizuki Shigeru Road
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Tour Category: Sakaiminato Shore Excursions

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Mizuki-Shigeru-Museum-in-Sakaiminato-shore-excursionsThis morning, board the chartered car for the trip to Sakaiminato with the first spot is Matsue Castle, an elegant structure representing for the history and culture of this city. Only the main tower has survived till now that other parts were destroyed by fires, earthquakes and the anti-feudal demolitions of the Meiji Period. However, thanks to the good reconstruction, the castle is still spectacular with large grounds home to dozens of cherry blossom trees to view in spring. Besides, enjoy a riverboat cruise around the moat and narrow canals and listen to boatmen telling stories about the history of Matsue Castle.

Matsue-Castle-Sakaiminato-shore-excursionsNext, head to Tottori Hanakairo known as the Prefectural Flower Park or the largest flower park in Japan. The garden is a photographer’s delight, with an amazing complex of gardens, two domed-areas, forest, water, and beautiful pathway areas created by various kinds of colorful blooming flowers.

Tottori HanakairoA pterodactyl topiary and stick dinosaur near the entrance and the Jungle Dome surely make you feel like being in Jurassic Park. If hungry, there is very tasty ice-cream with the fresh mix of blueberry and pear both grown up in the park. Just fresh and delicious!

Tottori HanakairoAfterward, you go back to the childhood by a stroll along the Mizuki Shigeru Road to visit the Mizuki Shigeru Museum which has the name of a well-known Japanese Manga Author who is famous in the motif of ‘Yokai’ – means demon in English. Japanese people thought that Yokai not only let people get away their laziness and selfishness but also make them protect the nature and the environment.

Mizuki Shigeru MuseumAt Mizuki Shigeru Museum, you can see the world of the creator’s unique and diverse artworks which represent Mizuki’s philosophy and spirit, through the exhibitions and motion pictures, and also enter areas that are darkened with the monsters of his imagination placed on the walls and hidden to make you feel and experience each scary creature. With 153 fine bronze statues standing on a black granite base of various yokai line the stretch, the Mizuki Shigeru Road is truly the road for manga lovers of all ages to keep in touch with their childhood manga friends. Complete the tour with return transport to Sakaiminato port to continue your next Asia Shore Excursions.

Mizuki Shigeru Road

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  • English-Speaking-Guide (licensed)
  • Chartered car/coach including high-way and parking fee
  • Entrance fee and port fee
  • Mineral water

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