Xiamen Attractions for Shore Excursions

Linked to the mainland by a 5km-long causeway, Xiamen is one of China’s cleanest and most enjoyable cities. Formerly known as Amoy, this coastal city boasts neat streets, historical houses, shopping arcades and charming seaboard along with numerous high-rise buildings anchoring the skyline.
Thanks for its landscapes and favorable climate, it has become a popular destination for tourists to relax during their. With our attraction sites, you can find the best of Xiamen. Let’s come and get a bit and bite of “Glittering Pearl on the Sea”!

Xiamen Highlight – South Putuo Tourist Area
The South Putuo Tourist Area is famous for its cultural flavors with the captivating tourist attractions like the 1000 year-old South Putuo Temple, the straight and scenic Wulao Peak, beautiful Xiamen University, the unbeatable Huli Hill Fort and the Overseas Chinese Museum which tells the fascinating history of overseas Chinese.