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Top Things To Do & See in Hue

Being the former capital city of Vietnam for approximately 150 years, Hue is one of the most must-visit destinations in Vietnam shore excursions. Only by traveling to Hue by yourself that tourists can experience the traditional and cultural atmosphere of this city. Since then you can understand why thinking about the Ao Dai and Non La – the symbol of Vietnam in general, people always evoke of Hue. The city is famous for its historic monuments some of which are recognized as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The city maintains a variety of French-style buildings lie along the Perfume River one of which is the oldest high school in Vietnam – Quoc Hoc high school. The religious city where Buddhism has stronger support than elsewhere in Vietnam. Imperial Citadel in Hue shore excursionsThe city whose cuisine forms the heart of Central Vietnamese cuisine with a significant type of noodles made from its name – Bun Bo Hue. The more you explore Hue, the fewer things you understand about it! It is so difficult to actually understand this city thoroughly! One small thing you should know in your Asia shore excursions to Vietnam shore excursions is that the easiest way to Hue shore excursions is from Chan May port – which also a significant attraction of Hue that tourists can add it to their itinerary also. By the way, a list of things to do and see in this historical city will be detail specified below as the suggestions for tourists to save times on their Hue shore excursions.

Explore the Imperial Citadel and Forbidden city

The very first place that every tourist go immediately when they come to Hue is the Imperial Citadel and Forbidden city. Why? It is the most important headquarters of Vietnamese in the Nguyen Dynasty as well as the World Heritage recognized by UNESCO. The Citadel City used to be the place where the old Emperors lived with an extremely strict arrangement of the army inside to protect the royal family that only very important people could enter here. Therefore, the architectural structure of this place is such representatives for the powerful Nguyen Dynasty that ruled Vietnam in the past. Fortunately, hundreds of them still maintain until now that tourists need to spend at least one day to explore all this 500ha destination. inside Imperial Citadel in Hue shore excursionsFrom the Merdian Gate – the iconic symbol of the Citadel City and the feudal dynasty, the Thai Hoa Palace and Dai Trieu Nghi Yard – a powerful center of the Vietnamese feudal dynasties in the past to the Hien Lam Pavilion – the highest structure in this imperial city and so on. You will totally immerse yourself in this ancient place and become a part of it. Exploring all spots in Hue Imperial and Forbidden city will definitely take times, tourists should spend the all day from early in the morning for this destination only in your list things-to-do in the Hue day trips!

Experience the Hue cooking class

The cooking class is such the hidden gems of the Hue province that it is such a brand new and interesting experience for foreign tourists. They will be guided step by step by local people how to cook Hue cuisines from the most typical one – Bun Bo Hue to various daily dishes. Besides, tourists can understand clearly how it is said that the royal lifestyles and customs still maintain its impact on the characteristics of Hue people by trying their daily routines yourself. In Hue shore excursions from Chan May port, tourists can choose between the Hue countryside day tours or on the King Dragon boat for their cooking class. Of course, the Hue shore excursions will travel on a luxury cruise ship from Chan May port which will give you such a great opportunity to enjoy the Chan May shore excursions also!Hue cooking class

Go shopping and enjoy Hue authentic food

It is said that the best and the easiest way for foreigners to understand thoroughly the local lifestyles is going to markets. That is the reason why you should not miss the oldest and the most well-known markets in your Hue shore excursions – Dong Ba market! Tourists cannot deny that the local people are definitely early birds when they open the market at 3 am to let the citizens here can come as early as possible to purchase the freshest seafood, fruit, and vegetables. With a variety of products, the Dong Ba market has everything you can think of from clothing, blankets to handicrafts, souvenirs. Do not forget going to the ground floor where the food court is located. This food court even better than the street food! Enjoy Hue foodIt not only has a wide range of cheap and delicious food for you to fill in your stomach but also is a cozy bustling restaurant that you don’t need to afraid of the weather - in spite of hot or cold temperature, sunny or rainy day. Nothing can stop you from enjoying the most authentic Vietnamese dishes in general such as pho, banh mi and Hue cuisine in particular like Bun Bo Hue, Com Hen (Tiny mussel rice) or Banh Beo (Bloating Duckweed-shaped cake). It is not really comfortable for the visitors who have long legs because of plastic tables and chairs. But no doubt that it is definitely your brand new experience!

Dive into the Perfume River

Hue and Perfume River are such lovely couples that they always have close relations with each other. Perfume River or Huong river has been always a part of the daily life of Hue people for centuries. From this spectacular river, their life flourishes from normal activities such as exchange products, build houses to show their respect to their own religion by building various pagodas and temples along this river. You just need to relax in the flow of the river, let the river herself help you to say goodbye to the Chan May shore excursions in order to continue your Hue shore excursions. Perfume River in Hue shore excursionsGetting started at Chan May port, the Perfume River will slowly let you know another sight of Hue as well as introduce you to all her children – various monuments to tell you the story of its origin such as Thien Mu pagoda, Royal Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc and so on. You will definitely fall in love with the Perfume River – your storyteller as well as her magnificent children!

Lose yourself in Hue festivals

Being a World Heritage city, Hue has a variety of traditional festivals take place throughout the year. Some of the biggest festivals can be mentioned such as Hon Chen Temple Festival which occurs twice a year in the third and in the seventh of the Lunar month to honor the Holy Mother Thien Y A Na; Thai Duong Ha festival of praying for fish is held on the 12th of the first month in the lunar calendar to honor the merits of the village spirit or Sinh village’s wrestling festival is organized on the 10th of the first month in the lunar calendar to honor the sporting spirit the Hue people during the centuries and so on. Hue festivals - shore excursionsThe festival is expected most and is highly recommended is the Hue Festival which is held every two years normally from April 27th to May 2nd. The main purpose of this festival is to honor the cultural and historical values of that Vietnam’s former capital city. This is such a great opportunity for tourists to experience the unique heritage of Vietnamese royal art – royal dancing which still be well preserved until now as well as Hue’s famous traditional singing such as Hue singing – the distinctive art performance of Thua Thien Hue or Hat boi Hue – a kind of classical theater from Hue. Besides, there is also a wide range of performance from 19 different countries. Each festival will occur at different times, different regions with different meanings. You can tailor-make your own Hue shore excursions from Chan May port to participate in the festivals that you’re interested in.