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Things to do and see in Myanmar shore excursions

Myanmar is the Golden Land famous for its rich cultural history and natural resources. The country had the up-and-down history of empires and military dictatorships, and now it becomes a wonderful tourist destination. Once stepping in this unique country, you can be breathtaking with the pristine culture and sacred atmosphere.

Watch the sunrise over the city

Yangon shore excursions The most wonderful sight in Yangon does not belong to any man-made structure, it is the sight when sunrise over the city. Even the laziest people have to wake up early to catch the chance tasting this wonderful experience, especially watching over the Shwedagon Pagoda. On the top of the temple, admire the sun as a giant fireball in bright red combined with a little orange shimmering up from the skyline far away from your vision. Inside the lush green forest under the clear sky full of pure white clouds, the gold pagoda adorned with thousands of diamonds and jewelry is stunning with garish sunshine. The sunrise in Yangon catches your breath, then every cellule of your body suddenly awakens.

Hop on a hot-air balloon

Bagan shore excursions You can claim to explore all the Bagan without a hot-air balloon ride. Don’t go back to home with that regret. This experience can be the best thing you have done in not only Bagan but in your whole life. While flying in an airplane, the feeling is like sitting in a closed room. But flying in a balloon, the feeling is like doing a magic from the height of meters above the grounds. Enjoy the winds blowing through your hair, sunshine jumping in your skins, and majestic sights filling your eyes. However, the weather and climate in Bagan provide a short time to ballooning, usually running from mid-October to mid-March. The balloon only can fly when the winds are calm and the air is cool. That’s why the ride can be canceled right before your flight some minutes.

Stroll through China Town

Yangon shore excursions The China Town is the busiest and most vibrant place in Yangon. Due to the pervasion of other culture into Myanmar, the China Town was created for those who live a different lifestyle. Mingle with the locals and tourists alike and walk through row after row of shops, restaurants and food stalls with its giant colorful signboards fighting for your attention. China Town is the paradise for foodaholics where you can find lines after lines of charcoal grills, sorts of meats, vegetables, and marinades from food stalls or barbecue restaurants.

Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda

Yangon shore excursions On the top of the hill, Shwedagon Pagoda stands as a 99-meters masterpiece on the high land of Myanmar. The pagoda is the most popular attractions in this city. With Burmese, the pagoda is the symbol of beauty, sacredness, and serenity which dedicates for the Gautama Buddha and the three previous Buddhas. Start from the foot of the hill, trekking on a long entrance stairway to the main terrace, passing by numerous bustling markets, sacred worships, and monasteries. Learn about the daily life of local dwellers in the immediate vicinity and Burmese Buddhism by chatting with the monks. If your physician doesn’t allow you to climb, elevators and escalators are always available. Be breathtaking at the glittering marbled main terrace featured gold and thousands of diamonds and jewelry.

Hike Mount Popa

Bagan shore excursions 777 steps to the top of Mount Popa is worth an effort to stand on the best time for any sunrise and sunset chasing adventure. Was formerly an extinct volcano, the mount now becomes an iconic sight of Myanmar with the sacred monastery, golden stupas, and the panoramic view of the whole city. Set off a date with Popa on a sunny day waking up early in the morning. Mount Popa is an important religious site in Myanmar with Buddhist spirits worshiped by the Burmese. Due to the sacred atmosphere here, vests, shorts, hats, bags, and even shoes are all prohibited. You may seem that is ridiculous and strict but no, these rules protect visitors from the local monkey around. When you are climbing, try not to catch the attention of these guys because they are everywhere sneaking to steal food and drink.

Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple

Yangon shore excursions This temple – famous for the marvelous 217-foot reclining Buddha under the large metal roof – is one of the largest and most stunning ones in Myanmar. The Buddha with the eyes made from glass is wearing the priceless crown decorated with various diamonds and jewelry. Under the foot, there are a plenty of religious symbols carved in which are all typical for Buddhism. Nearby, standing the small shrine dedicated to Ma Thay – the holy man said that can stop rain and bless safety for sailors. Moreover, inside the campus of the temple is the Shweminwon Sasana Yeiktha Meditation Centre where you can admire local people gather to meditate.

Explore the local markets

Everywhere in Myanmar Going home with two empty hands is not a good idea if you want to have something to remind about this fantastic shore trip. Everywhere in the land of Myanmar, you can find a local market which has the rich amount of goods. Stroll along the market, enjoy the bustling atmosphere, and learn about the daily life of Burmese. Pick up some souvenirs such as paintings, lacquer wares, jewelry, and puppets for your children, friends, or colleagues. Taste some traditional Myanmar cuisine to wake your sense up after a long trip.