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Attractions for Phuket Shore Excursions

Always be considered as a paradise in Earth with stunning white-sand beaches, beautiful lines of coconut trees, and crystal-clear sea water, Phuket is definitely a dreamland for anyone who wants to escape from the busy life to soak in the wonderful atmosphere of this lively city. Besides, Phuket has more than just beaches. Below is the list of attractions in Phuket shore excursions that not everyone has ever heard before.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a popular spot for tourists hopping on Phuket shore excursions and day tours. Take a small boat from the fishing village near Phuket to catch a wonderful experience tasting the impressive views of the Bay. Phang Nga Bay - Phuket shore excursionsA Phuket day trip to the bay can include various destinations and activities. Phang Nga Bay is full of small islands such as Khai Island, Khai Nok Island, and Koh Yao Island, and also mysterious caves that can be easily approached by speedboats. Soak in the clear water of the Bay, go snorkeling to explore the undersea ecosystem, or hop on a canoe to go along the mangrove forests. Go through small lakes leading to the endless blue sky and wonderful scattered formations of rock.

Phuket Big Buddha

Standing on the top of Nakerd Hills, the giant-sized Big Buddha Statue is one of the most sacred and revered landmarks in Phuket shore excursions that can be seen from anywhere in the southern Phuket. Phuket Big Buddha - Phuket shore excursionsOnce reaching the top of the hill, you will hear the symphony of tiny bells and peaceful dharma music as the background. Admire lines after lines of typical yellow Buddhist flags everywhere you go. Take a deep breath, relax in the peaceful atmosphere, stroll around while admiring the wonderful white marble statue. Standing on the top of the hill to catch the panoramic view of Phuket Town, Karon beaches, Kata, Chalong Bay and so on.

Phuket Old Town

Be considered as one of the most popular places in the Pearl of Andaman, the Old Town included in Phuket day tours from cruise ship provides numerous wonderful experiences for anyone coming to it. The area is lined up with various shrines and temples, magnificence shop houses, luxury bars, and scrumptious restaurants. Phuket Old Town - Phuket shore excursionsRight to the name, the Old Phuket all gather here. Scattered grandiose mansions along the streets will mark your trip with many ideal spots to capture beautiful photos and get a glimpse at Phuket’s past.

Karon View Point

Phuket shore excursions are famous for the fantastic sights, so it is a waste not to include a visit to the Karon Viewpoint, or Kata Viewpoint called by locals. Standing on the jungle road connecting Rawai and Kata, the viewpoint is popular with not only foreigners but also Thailand people. Karon View Point - Phuket shore excursionsOnce reached the spot, you can have the spectacular panoramic view of Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon Beach, as well as the Andaman Sea and many islands far away. The viewpoint provides the chance to catch splendor images of the islands with azure water, white surf beaches, and deep-green hues.

Promthep Cape

An interesting attraction in Phuket day tours but is not too famous that not every know is Promthep Cape – the rocky headland landing on the south of Phuket. The thing that attracts visitors come here is the spectacular view it offers, especially the wonderful sunset at the peak. Promthep Cape - Phuket shore excursionsThe view admiring from the Promthep Cape is sparkling with the endless blue pool looked like a heaven on Earth. Another highlight of the cape is the lighthouse home to a priceless collection of various ancient maritime relics.

Chalong Temple

In Thailand shore excursions, Chalong Temple is considered as one of the most significant religious sites in the whole country revealing the charisma culture of Buddhism in Thailand. Among 29 temples seen in Phuket day tours from cruise port, Wat Chalong is the most popular one that is visited by both Thailand people and foreigners every year. Chalong Temple - Phuket shore excursionsIn the early 19th century, this temple served as an important meditation center for Phuket people. The highlight of Wat Chalong is the priceless statue named Poh Than Jao Wat. The old hall is the place where the statue standing with two others of Ta Khee-lek – a renowned local. Listening to the story about the history of the temple to learn about the features of Thailand Buddhism.

Thavorn Museum

Asia Shore Excursions really want to recommend the Thavorn Museum for any Phuket shore excursion and day tour from cruise port. Located in the heart of Phuket Town, Thavorn Museum is a part of Thavorn Heritage Hotel - the first hotel and also the first 5-stars one in Phuket. Thavorn Museum - Phuket shore excursionsThavorn Museum is home to a variety of ancient items such as the old photos of Phuket Old Town and Thailand, many antiques and sculptures, the old toy trains, movie posters and so on. The highlight that can make you breathtaking is a display of swords. People believe that these swords were used in 1785 during the period of Lady Mook and Lady Chan expelled the Burmese invaders away from Phuket.

Thai Hua Museum

Known as a traditional Buddhism country, Thailand is also affected by other cultures. Get a completely new experience to Thai Hua Museum which has the architecture of ancient China. The Museum is considered as one of the most majestic Sino-Portuguese architecture styles that you can see in Phuket shore excursions. Thai Hua Museum - Phuket shore excursionsFormerly was a school teaching Chinese language in 1934, nowadays, it transformed into a museum serving as a function hall and a large exhibition space for some important occasions. Visiting this museum, you will immediately be mesmerizing by the spectacular architecture style with the ornate decorations.