Free Activities to Do in Asia Cruise Ports

Free Activities to Do in Asia Cruise Ports

Hopping on a cruise line, you have to spend tons of money not only on the services on the ship but also paid for shore excursions or private tours. Finding the best way to save your wallet is not easy with cruise ship passengers. However, having fun does not always come at a high cost, especially when you visit a new city every morning waking up. Even though you enjoy the vacation with your fiancé, family, friends, or alone, there are various free activities to do in cruise ports to experience.

Free activities to do in Asia Cruise portHit the Beach

Although cruisers enjoy their vacation on the sea most the time, hitting the beaches can bring a completely new experience. The tropical climate in Asia provides a perfect condition to various activities such as sunbathing, swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The white-sand beaches combining with the crystal clear water is charmed with stunning sunshine bringing vitamin D. Enjoy a glass of cocktail or fresh coconut water while playing with calm waves.

Asia beachTrek the Trails

In various outdoor activities, the most pleasant one is trekking through the trails. The trails are different between other cities and countries that the sceneries never disappoint you. For the best sights, check out Japan shore excursions. In spring, many trails are covered with white porcelain color of cherry blossoms. While in autumn, your eyes will be full of red and yellow leaves.

Trek the trails in JapanExplore the City

If you have a basic knowledge of the port or can speak local languages, it is easy to explore the city by yourself without the help of a travel agency. Before going, remember to make a detailed plan including where to go, what to do, and when to visit. Searching for information on the internet is a good idea. Most cities the ship docking have monuments, temples, pagodas, museums, and so on which worth a visit. However, discover the city may be difficult for newcomers. In these cases, book tours from a reliable travel agency with a reasonable price such as Asia Shore Excursions are much better.

Ho Chi Minh cityGaze at Local Markets

In Asia, the local market is one of the most typical features that every trip passes by. Most markets are home to a plenty of stalls and retail stores selling local products such as meat, home-grown vegetables, fresh-caught fishes, traditional spices, and sometimes handmade crafts. Moreover, these places are dreamlands for those who love photography. The local market held along the railway that you can visit in Bangkok shore excursions is one of the most photogenic views in Thailand. Besides, you may not avoid picking up some idyllic items as souvenirs, don’t forget to prepare local currency before going.

Bangkok local marketAdmire Amateur Artists

Every country and region has its own type of art. The important factor in creating the rich culture is amateur artists. Along with many streets in Asia, they perform folk art to the public to earn money or just for entertaining. The arts including portrait painting at the side of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi day trips, live music along the canal in Otaru shore excursions, folk dance in India streets. Enjoy a scenic stroll and get a glimpse of the featured culture of each country clearly revealed in these performances.

Otaru canal at nightJoin Local Festivals

Asia is home to thousands of festivals held each year. The most well-known ones are the New Year Eve and smaller festivals following. In Taipei – Keelung shore excursions, the famous Pingxi Lantern Festival attracts thousands of visitors joining. China is dominated with red decorations for months to celebrate the New Year. Golden Week in Japan is a must-attending with the surreal scenery of cherry blossom fully blooming. Moreover, summer festivals are also worth to enjoy, especially the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto shore excursions.

Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taipei shore excursions