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Located in the east side of South Korea and Russia, Japan is an archipelago of nearly 7,000 islands with four largest ones namely Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. The Ryukyu Islands, which includes Okinawa, lie to the south of Kyushu.

One of the most beautiful places in the world, Japan features four distinct seasons, each gorgeous in its own way. You’ll fall in love with the cherry blossoms in the spring and the colorful vibrancy of autumn leaves. Due to its extended geographical location, the far north and south of Japan sometimes have contrasting climates at the same time. The country’s iconic landmark – a snow-capped mountain of Fuji (Fujisan) – represents the serenity and strength that underpins Japan’s everyday life.

Asia Shore Excursions offers a variety of exciting Japan shore excursions for cruise passengers who stop at major ports in Japan. Please contact us to get the best shore trips in Japan, or enjoy the flexibility to customize the itinerary to fit your needs.

Top Japan Shore Excursions
  • The Best of Kyoto

    This one-day tour offers us an overview of one’s favorite city in Japan as well as a chance to visit the highlights in Kyoto such as symbolic Kinkakuji Temple, magnificent Nijo Castle, vibrant culinary Nishiki Market and famous Kiyomizu Pure Water Temple…

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  • Nagasaki History Tour

    This half-day Nagasaki History Tour is specially designed for cruise passengers who love history and nature. The trip includes the Peace Memorial Park, Atomic Bomb Museum, Dejima Museum and Glover Garden…

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  • The City of Osaka and Nara

    This 1-day tour City of Osaka and Nara is a combination of two city Nara and Osaka specially designed for cruise passengers stop at Osaka port. The full-day trip offers us a depth look at Japan’s first capital Nara…

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  • Kobe Highlight

    This half-day Kobe Highlight offer us a chance to visit the most of Kobe attractions from cruise port including Kobe Sake brewery, Old Foreigner Residence, China Town, Sannomiya Shopping Arcade…

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  • Cultural City of Karakuma

    This half-day Cultural City of Karakuma offers us a chance to visit the ancient Kotokuin Temple with view to the Great Buddha Daibutsu and soak up in the different atmosphere of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu…

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Things to do and see in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular destinations in Asia shore excursions. The land of Sakura provides a plenty of things and places to discover including cultural villages, heritages, religious sites, landmarks, and attractions that we would like to some typical activities below.

Climb Mount Fuji

Shimizu shore excursions The symbol of Japan – Mount Fuji – is the must-include in any Shizuoka shore trip. Be listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the mountain has the shape of a pyramid with the top covered by beautiful white snow. If you want to get closer, climb the mountain to feel the emotionally moving. The best time to visit the Mount Fuji is from July to September when the weather is not too cold and lack of rainy.

Hot-Tubbing Monkeys

Tropical Botanical Garden - Hakodate shore excursions The Garden located at a corner of Yunokawa Hot Spring has hundreds of monkeys with red faces and yellow hair. Even in winter, the pool is filled with hot spring water which provides a warm place for monkeys playing happily. Admire funky monkeys jumping from the pillar into the water is a lovely image that you can be unavoidably from laughing at the mischievousness of them.

Eating ramen

Any restaurant serves ramen Of course, ramen becomes popular nowadays that you can find in many places around the world. But eating ramen in its country will bring to you the completely strange experience. There are three main reasons leading ramen ranked first place in the list of the most favorite Japanese food for foreigners, over sushi and tempura. The first reason is a delicious soup made from chicken, pork, and beef bones, shellfish, or even vegetables which combine into one, create a sweet soup without sugar. The next secret is noodles. The perfect noodles for a savory bowl of ramen have to have the exactly correct thickness, shape and are cooked in the right way with nice timing. Last but not less, the lusciousness of ramen depends on not only the way they cook but also the way you eat. Japanese usually slurp the ramen. It can be considered as an impolite action in Western and American culture, but it will slay your taste. The flavor can be much better and nail every diner.

Take a trip to a castle

Every place in Japan It is not hyperbole that Japan is the land of ancient castles. Although many repairs have been done, Japan still maintains several ancient structures from over 400 years ago. During this period, Japan consisted of dozens of small independent states leading to each Emperor have to build an inviolable structure to pretend their family and civils from enemy’s attacks. Among several castles in the whole country, the Himeji Castle is the most popular one which is also the most pristine structure that reveals the traditional Japanese architecture. Moreover, Japan has a plenty of beautiful castles including Matsumoto Castle, Nagoya Castle, Osaka Castle, Matsue Castle, Hirosaki Castle, Hikone Castle, and much more. Every castle has its own features and beauties. Some are spectacular by cherry blossom trees surrounding, while others have priceless historical meanings. However, all of them are designed following the featured Japanese style.

Pray for peace

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum - Hiroshima shore excursions This country is the only one in the world destroyed by atomic bombs. The two bombs were dropped on the land of Nagasaki and Hiroshima where a Peace Memorial was built soon after to remind about the victims of the bloody war. Besides the memory meaning, the Museum is covered with trees, lawns, and peaceful walking paths. The A-Bomb Dome served as a place to promote Hiroshima’s old industries. It was one of a few buildings that can stand through the bomb explosion and then is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nearby, the Cenotaph for the A-Bomb Victims with an arched design is the tomb holding a register for the names of the victims died by the bomb.

Stroll along Otaru Canal

Otaru shore excursions Was formerly a center of the old city’s port in the first half of the 20th century, Otaru canal served as a huge complex of warehouses containing the goods transferred by small boats. When they applied modern technology to the transportation, the canal was not used for trading purpose anymore. Thanks to the actions of local people, the canal was restored beautifully and touristy. Stroll along the canal to admire the showcase creating by amateur artists performing traditional dances, folk music, paint portraits, and so on. In the evening, when the vintage gas lamps are lighted up, the area is breathtaking with the romantic atmosphere and poetry picture of numerous fireflies jumping mischievously above the surface of the idyllic canal.

Lost in the manga world

Mizuki Shigeru Museum - Sakaiminato Shore Excursions Back to the childhood by strolling along the Mizuki Shigeru Road leading to the Mizuki Shigeru Museum which has the name of a famous Japanese Author who is famous for creating the manga images of ‘Yokai’ which means demon in English. Japanese people thought that Yokai not only helps people throwing away their laziness and selfishness but also realize them to protect the nature and the environment. In the museum, admire the unique and diverse artworks which represent by Mizuki with amazing philosophy and spirit, through the exhibitions and motion pictures. Then enter the darken areas with the monsters of his imagination placed on the walls and also hidden some places to make you experience every scary creature.

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We Will Definitely Recommend Your Services to Friends

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We Returned Yesterday Evening After a Wonderful Tour of Yangon

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The 6 Tours We did, were Excellent and the Tour Guides & Drivers were Great

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