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  • Japanese Covered Bridge

    Japanese Covered Bridge

    Stroll along the walkways of ancient Hoi An and get a lovely feeling of going back in time, tourists will find one of Hoi An’s most iconic attractions – Japanese […]

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  • Ceramic products on display in Hoi An Pottery Museum

    Hoi An Pottery Museum

    It’s worthwhile to stop by the Pottery Museum in Hoi An and admire the beautiful yesteryear timber house that hosts the museum. An excellent collection of Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese […]

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  • Tan Ky Old House

    Tan Ky Old House

    Whilst seting foot in Hoi An, tourists will be lost themselves in the cluster of “old houses”, so, don’t forget to visit Tan Ky old house – even it’s not […]

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  • Cantonese Congregation

    Cantonese Congregation

    Hoi An ancient town houses five majestic assembly halls, even they share similar characters such as entrance gate, courtyard, shrine, and each has intrinsic features making it worth the visit. […]

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  • War Remnants Museum

    War Remnant Museum

    Known as the Museum of American War Crimes until 1993, the War Remnants Museum is an undoubtedly popular attraction to tourists in Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions from Phu My […]

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  • Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

    Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

    Emerged at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, built between 1863 and 1880 by French colonists, is one of the architectural landmarks and cannot be […]

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  • Giac Lam Pagoda

    Giac Lam Pagoda

    As one of the oldest pagodas in Ho Chi Minh City that can be visited on shore excursions from Phu My port, Giac Lam is an atmospheric spot placed in […]

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  • Ben Thanh Market

    Ben Thanh Market

    Being the most bustling of all markets, Ben Thanh Market is absolutely a cannot-miss tourist shopping spot of the Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions starting from Phu My port. […]

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  • Tao Dan Park

    Tao Dan Park

    For those who are looking for a peaceful escape from the chaos of almost all Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions which transfers from Phu My port – Tao Dan […]

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  • Thich Quang Duc Monument

    Thich Quang Duc Monument

    Why They Built Thich Quang Duc Memorial Monument?
    Situated at the intersection of streets like Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Cach Mang Thang Tam, the monument shows a statue of Thich […]

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  • Ong Bon Pagoda or Nhi Phu Temple

    Ong Bon Pagoda (Nhi Phu Temple)

    One of the most religious sites located at 264 Hai Thuong Lan Ong Boulevard is Ong Bon Pagoda. Built after World War II by the Fukien Chinese, it worships Ong […]

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  • The guide shows how to get in and get out the tunnels of Cu Chi

    Cu Chi Tunnels

    If there is a place showing the undaunted spirit of Vietnamese, it could be Cu Chi Tunnels. About 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City to the northwest, Cu Chi […]

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  • Reunification Palace

    Reunification Palace

    Take a tour to the heart of the city included in Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions from Phu My port, let’s visit the Independence Palace (also known as Reunification […]

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  • Saigon Old Post Office

    Saigon Old Post Office

    Along with Notre Dame Cathedral, the Reunification Palace, the Saigon Central Post Office is one of the most recognizable highlights in Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions from Phu My […]

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  • Vinh Trang Pagoda

    Vinh Trang Pagoda

    Included in Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions transferring from Phu My port, the mellow charm of Vinh Trang Pagoda easily melts the heart of everybody. An ancient southern architectural gem, […]

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  • Long Tan and Nui Dat Old Battlefields

    Long Tan and Nui Dat Old Battlefields

    Take a shore excursion to Vung Tau at Phu My port, and visit the remarkable battle site is such an unforgettable trip. Long Tan and Nui Dat Old Battlefield is […]

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  • Jesus Statue, Vung Tau

    Vung Tau Jesus Statue

    A shore excursion to Vung Tau to welcome sunrise on the beach, climb the lighthouse and dine on sea food but another place to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of […]

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  • Niet Ban Tinh Xa

    Niet Ban Tinh Xa (Nirvana Pagoda)

    Along with being one of the Vietnam popular beach destinations, Vung Tau is of interest for religious groups, with the predominance of Buddhism. Many buddhist pagodas, temples and statues were […]

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  • Whale Temple, Vung Tau

    Whale Temple

    Whale Temple has always been a lure for tourists all around with its mysterious history. Built from the late 19th century, also known as Ong Nam Hai Temple, it faced […]

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  • Vung Tau lighthouse offer a panoramic view of the city

    Vung Tau Lighthouse

    Offering a stunning 360-degree view of Vung Tau, the lighthouse is always a fascinating place of Vung tau for many years. First built in 1862, the lighthouse has maintained its […]

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