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A land of ancient Arabian traditions combined with modern architecture from the West, India is worth a journey to explore every corner of that continent. Wake your body up, and taste the artistic breath.
From the beautiful sun-shining beaches to the splendor World Heritage Site Taj Mahal being evidence for the love of the royal family. Besides, the tropical forest are several immensity deserts which have the shape of cooked pancakes. Along the wildlife safaris, the human image is marked on the quaint architecture revealed in a variety of different structures including temples, pagodas, churches, basilicas, and even local houses.
A trip to India can be the wildest trip ever. Here you can bite, chew, swallow and chew numerous savory dishes, or take some special recipes for home cooking, hand-on experience farming, weaving, and ceramic claying in the rural area, and admire the dazzling wealth of bustling cities Mumbai.
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Things to do and see in India Shore Excursions

Due to being a colony of Britain, India is a land combining of ancient Arabian culture with the modern inspired from the West. This exotic country is an amazing idea to taste the unique experiences in any Asia shore excursion. We would like to recommend top things to do and see that worth your visit to India.

Gateway of India | Mumbai shore excursions

The Gateway of India serves as a guardian of the Colaba area of Mumbai facing the Arabian Sea. Built over 100 years ago, this iconic structure costs 2.1 million Rupees in that time. The price is really reasonable due to the main materials are yellow Kharodi basalt stones and reinforced concrete at the foundations. Not only is the symbol of the city Mumbai, the Gateway also reminds the rich culture of Bombay. With the Indo-Saracenic architectural style influenced by Muslims, this attraction is considered as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai. The structure is a masterpiece with Gothic style revealed in every detail including cusped arches, spires, stained glass, domes, tracery, and minarets following an exotic style. If you visit the Gateway in March, you can soak in the annual ‘Elephanta Festival of Music and Dance’.

Chinese Fishing Nets | Cochin shore excursions

The most beautiful place to catch wonderful photos in Fort Cochin is in the Chinese Fishing Nets area. It is also the best place to learn about the daily life of Cochin fisherman. The nets were originally brought to Fort Cochin by a Chinese emperor that local people rapidly acquainted with these tools due to several advantages they brought. The Chinese Fishing Nets are operated following the rules of balance that the weight of stones tied into one side of the rope holding the nets and fishes on the other side. The nets are made of teak wood and bamboo poles pulling down into the sea. The slow rhythm is fascinated by anyone coming here, and the sight is splendor suspended in midair and standing in line on the beaches when silhouetted against the sunset.

Tanshikar Organic Farm | Goa shore excursions

Come to India, cannot miss the chance to explore the wonderful biodiversity here. The most suitable place to experience the Eco life is the Tanshikar Organic Farm. Welcomed with a special drink, follow the farmers to get a glimpse of how they grow several unique spice trees including papaya, cashew, and vanilla. Then take the chance to smell and taste all of these. Soak in the peaceful atmosphere with strange birds and colorful butterflies flying around.

Elephanta Island | Mumbai shore excursions

Not relates to its name, the Elephanta Island doesn’t have any elephant live in. The name “Elephanta” has been called by Portuguese since the colonial time due to the mammoth statue made of monolithic stone. This quaint island is a huge religious place home to various caves, especially the most attractive temple of India – Shiva. The main temple is carved into a huge rock with inside is a complex of courtyards, pillars, the majestic shrines, and especially the huge Sadhashiva statue with three faces are the symbol of universe-destroying, creating, and preserving. Take a visit to the museum nearby to learn about the island’s history and Kerala’s belief.

Handloom Weaving factory | Cochin shore excursions

The Handloom Weaving factory is a traditional cotton weaving village where you can get a glimpse of how locals transform raw cotton, silk and wool yarns to amazing hand-spun and hand-woven clothes. Over 600 Brahmin families live here making saris (the traditional clothes of India) since 1972 with 102 villagers taking the responsibility of maintaining the traditional culture. Nowadays, locals know how to apply modern techniques to improve the quality and productivity.

Kerala cuisine cooking class | Cochin shore excursions

Kerala is not only famous for several attractions and religious sites but also its cuisine. Enjoy a Kerala Cuisine Cooking Class where you can get hands-on experience learning how to make delicious meals that will excite your children. In there, the local housewife will be your guide to learn savory India recipes full of traditional spices such as cardamom, coriander, pepper, chili, cinnamon, cumin, capsicum, cumin seed, garlic, ginger, mint, and so on. They also provide take-home recipes that you learn from the cooking classes. After an interesting cooking class, enjoy an elaborate lunch with traditional Indian cuisine.

Basilica of Bom Jesus | Goa shore excursions

The name Basilica of Bom Jesus means ‘great Jesus’. This World Heritage Monument was designed following the Jesuit architecture nearly 500 years ago. Under the tiled roof covered by the black granite imposing façade, the simple but charming church is built with Mosaico – Corinthian style. On the southern side, you can witness the rich adorned wooden carvings. Besides are lines of paintings revealing the life of Saint Francis Xavier, combined with gilded twisted columns and wooden floral decorations, together protect the Saint Francis Xavier’s body inside.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus | Mumbai shore excursions

This spectacular monumental train station is always bustling with not only visitors but local people who want to witness the majestic Gothic architecture. Was formerly an England’s colonial in the past, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sweet cake combined with Victorian, Hindu, and Islamic styles. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, also known as the Victoria Terminus, is the most emblematic building of the buzzing city Mumbai. The favored gothic aesthetic was fashionable in England that time, but architects in Bombay still had to work with Indian craftsmen, material, motifs, and climate. The result was incredible – a wonderful building with the style that then is called “Bombay Gothic”.

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We Will Definitely Recommend Your Services to Friends

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We Returned Yesterday Evening After a Wonderful Tour of Yangon

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The 6 Tours We did, were Excellent and the Tour Guides & Drivers were Great

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