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Things to do and see in Taiwan

Due to the location is in the east of China and used to be a part of that country, Taiwan is dramatically affected by Chinese culture in every sector. This small island is exotic with lush green mountains, stunning sunshine jumping on clear water, and savory food that makes it become the attractive destination in Asia Shore Excursions. Despite the small scale, there is still a variety of amazing attractions. Below are the top things to do and see in Taiwan we would like to recommend for your Taiwan shore trips.

Taipei 101 | Taipei shore excursions 

Located in the capital of Taiwan, the Taipei 101 is one of the most popular places that attract various visitors in any Taipei shore excursion. Be listed in One of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world by BBC in 2015, like the Empire State Building in New York and Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, Taipei 101 is not only a building with 101 floors but a pride of the whole country. Famous for the outdoor observation in the floor of 91, the building provides the chance to feel the fresh wind, admire the landmarks surrounded by clouds, and the panoramic view in the height of 508 meters. If you are fear of heights, move to the 89th floor to enjoy the view from indoor observation. Your eyes will be full of colorful houses and landmarks below with the lush green mountain far away. Don’t quickly think that it takes a lot of time to move from 1st floor to the 89th, Taipei 101 has the world’s fastest elevator with maximum speed is 1010 meters per minutes. Moreover, the fantastic building also has the biggest wind damper in the world. Located in the 88th floor, the damper with a diameter of 5.5 meters and the weight of 660 metric tons which is the key keeping the structure safe in bad weather such as strong winds, typhoons, and earthquakes.

Chimei Museum | Kaohsiung shore excursions

Looked like the White House in Washington DC from the long distance, Chimei Museum is an interesting attraction that can be missed in Kaohsiung shore trips. The museum is a comprehensive complex with a plenty of collection of weapons, musical instruments, natural history, and even Western art. The first floor is exhibitions of natural history & fossils, arms & armor, Rodin gallery, and temporary exhibitions which are different depending on anniversary and topic. The 3rd floor is the complex exhibitions of Western Arts and musical instruments including the way to make, play, and record music, especially with violins. For those who interested in art or being museum lovers, this is a must-see spot.

Tianyuan Temple | Taipei shore excursions

Western countries and America do not celebrate the Lunar New Year, that why they can’t feel the ancient breath from traditional festivals held under the full-blooming cherry blossoms – the symbol of spring. Get hands-on experience tasting the spring atmosphere by hopping on a Taipei shore excursion to Tianyuan Temple that the best time to visit is from January to March when the streets are filled by cherry blossom petals falling down from the boughs, creating a picturesque sight. This Taoism temple is dedicated for the Jade Emperor – one of the three greatest deities in Taoism – who you can admire his images in the whole five floors of Tiantan meaning Altar of Heaven in English. Climb to the top to catch the overview of sights surrounding the temple and also the lines of cherry blossom. With beautiful weather, stroll along and surely make your camera ready to take stunning pictures. This place is still lack of known with foreigners, but in spring, it always full of local people coming to admire the cherry blossoms blooming.

Guanziling Hot Spring | Kaohsiung (Tainan) shore excursions

Fire burning on water. You may think it is a crazy thing that can’t happen. But it really exists in the Guanziling Hot Spring in Tainan, or we can call it Kaohsiung city. The combination of fire and water cave which naturally outflows with gas and hot spring water creates a fire burning on the water surface for almost three centuries. Located on the height of 270 meters above the sea level, the attraction including Guanziling Hot Springs, Red Leaf Park, Blue Cloud Temple, Great Immortals Temple, and Shianching Theme Park. Created by the earthquake, the hot spring water is dark grey and bitter mud that well-known for the name of black hot spring. The sulfuric properties are said that can heal quality for maintaining the skin, erase the nervous, problems and discomforts. The mud will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with its natural power.

Taroko National Park | Hualien shore excursions

The most popular attraction in Hualien shore excursions is Taroko National Park. This fantastic park is well-known for the splendor mountains, marbles canyons, and mesmerizing scenery. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like crowds, take a 20-minute walk through the suspension bridge, then hit the trail to the bell tower located above Eternal Spring Shrine. On the top of the tower, you can catch the panoramic view of the whole Taroko Gorge and enjoy the fresh cool atmosphere. After millions of years affected by wind erosion, the cliffs and canyons were formed along Liwu River, create the Swallow Grotto inside. The sedimentation on the surface is a wonderful sight with black and white layers. Another natural masterpiece in Taroko Park is the Nine Turns Tunnel providing the scenes of the gorge, river, stone structure, and the surrounding special faunas and floras. Moreover, trekking through the Biyang Trail, you can explore the Water Curtain Cave which is the best choice for water lovers. With various natural cracks in the roof making the place for water falling down, you may need a raincoat or umbrella, but it’s not necessary if you don’t mind being wet a little.